What Are Expedition Cruises And Where Do They Go?

Expedition cruises offer something different from the traditional cruise experience. Essentially, you leave the title of traveller behind and become a true explore as you delve into some of the most incredible, uninhabited and beautiful regions in the world. An expedition cruise is probably up there with the World Cruise – it’s just something EXTRA special.

Astounding wildlife, captivating foreign cultures and unforgettable scenery are the key ingredients and they are all presented alongside expert guides that know pretty much everything about the local flora and fauna, the geology and geography, and the history and sociology of the places that you will visit.

Each cruise line that offers expedition cruises has its own unique appeal and some visit places that others don’t, so there is a substantial amount of choice, probably more than you initially realise. From paddle-steam cruising along the Murray River in Australia; setting foot on the pristine White Continent of Antarctica; witnessing Darwin’s inspiration in the Galapagos; discovering Mayan remains in Central America; snorkelling in the South Pacific; or exploring beyond the Arctic Circle. It is ALL possible.

Expedition Cruise Destinations

Antarctica – Antarctica is a must for wildlife lovers and those who want to explore one of the most untouched lands on earth. Only accessible by sea and air for a few short months every year, Antarctica is a bucket list experience like no other. Most voyages sail from Ushuaia in Argentina and a wide variety of cruise lines now sail there, including Silversea and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.

Galapagos Islands – The Galapagos Islands are one-of-a-kind and travel to the region is strictly monitored – voyages in the region must be approved years in advance to ensure that the fragile and rare eco-system remains as untouched as possible. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1978, the Galapagos Islands offer some of the most incredible marine life on the planet and a real prehistoric landscape. Silversea Cruises’ Silver Galapagos sails the region year-round.

Alaska – Alaska is one of the most popular regions for expedition travellers, as the combination of lush forestry, an incredible variety of wildlife and stunning glaciers draw in thousands of people every year. The best way to discover Alaska is by sea and we have a wide variety of cruise lines offering expedition voyages here. Many cruise lines also offer a typical cruise here and you can extend some of these with pre-and-or-post land stays.

Arctic – The Arctic offers some incredible adventure experiences from husky sledding to the Northern Lights and in the summer months, the phenomenon that is the Midnight Sun. It’s a land that is fascinating and unique and it draws in thousands of visitors by cruise ship every year. One of the most popular cruise lines in this region is Hurtigruten.

Australia and New Zealand – Australia and New Zealand adventure cruises offer an experience like no other. From the Great Barrier Reef to incredible wildlife and one of the world’s oldest civilisations, it’s a region brimming with possibilities. One of the most popular itineraries involves the Kimberley Coast.

South America – Stunning fjords, the incredible Amazon Rainforest and dry desert await you on a voyage to South America. Here you can trace the vast empire of the Incas, roam the pampas with the gauchos, or glimpse an Andean condor riding the currents of the Altiplano. A South America expedition voyage really is something quite special and several cruise lines operate in this region.


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