The 5 Best Cruises To Take From Seattle


A visit to Seattle often means taking some time to enjoy Elliott Bay, Puget Sound, and the surrounding islands or peninsulas during a day trip. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hop onto one of the numerous ferries that operate in the region. You can walk onto any of them as a passenger, or take your vehicle for an interesting day trip, and spend less than $10 per person, it really is superb value for money. However, if you want to have more time to explore the local waterways of Seattle and take a pretty awesome vacation at the same time, then a cruise is definitely an option for you to consider.

There are quite a few tempting options out there when it comes to Seattle cruise departures, but some stand out more than others. These are our picks on the 5 best cruises to take from Seattle…

1: American Cruise Lines

The American Spirit is the must-do cruise if you want to visit the entire region. It’s a 7-night voyage that takes you throughout Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands and operates as a round-trip. You’ll visit Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Victoria BC, Friday Harbor, and more. You’ll need to book ahead if interested in this specific cruise as it fills up quickly, but new departures occur weekly while in season, so don’t worry too much if your first choice of dates is unavailable.

2: Norwegian Cruise Line

There are some locations in Alaska that are only accessible by sea or air. A cruise from Seattle is a round-trip way to access the Inside Passage and its fjords and islets in a way that best suits your needs. You can stay on the ship to visit popular ports like Ketchikan, tour Glacier Bay National Park, or connect with a train or boat to go as far as Fairbanks if you wish. Sawyer Glacier is also a possibility on some 7-10 day cruises.

Note: Ferries from Bellingham, about 2.5 hours north of Seattle, travel to Alaska also and allow you to take your vehicle along if you wish.

3: Victoria Clipper

Victoria has often been called North America’s Europe. The Victoria Clipper is a passenger-only ferry service which offers daily departures to Victoria, BC year-round. The San Juan Islands are also served seasonally. The trip is about 3 hours long on a calm day and is a great way to enjoy a weekend adventure at Butchart Gardens and explore all of the other island wonders. If you can book 7 days in advance, then you can save about 10% off your fare.

4: Princess Cruises

Many choose to travel north on a cruise from Seattle for the chance to experience Alaska, but the Pacific coastline from Washington to California is arguably the most magnificent in the world. Numerous monoliths stand tall to guard the coast, with several lighthouses offering great photographic opportunities. Sailing south to California also offers the promise of sand and sun when you arrive, with options to arrive in LA or San Francisco based on your personal preferences. One-way and round-trip cruises are available.

5: Holland America Line

If price doesn’t matter, then you’ve got to consider a transpacific cruise out of Seattle. The best is the 52-day Australia circumnavigation collector because you’ll get to visit Hawaii, several South Pacific Islands, New Zealand, and Australia on one trip. Most of the transpacific cruises are one-way and have just one departure date every year, but they really do offer a unique way to explore the world.

From glaciers to sandy beaches, sunshine to snow, you’ll find the perfect holiday opportunity with cruises from Seattle. Find yours today and you’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

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