Cadiz, Lisbon And The Horizon Grill

Hello, from a rather choppy North Atlantic! We are at sea today and tomorrow before once again reaching Southampton on Saturday morning – the cruise has gone over quite quickly! Since my last blog we have visited Cadiz and Lisbon, so let me bring you up to speed.

First of all, Horizon Grill. I am never disappointed with the dining experience there although it is much nicer when you can dine al fresco! I ordered the salt and pepper tempura king prawns with coconut crusted scallops to start and it was delicious. The scallops actually outdone the prawns for me this time, shock horror! For main I went with an 8oz steak accompanied by triple cooked chips, onion rings, porcini mushroom, garlic clove and porcini mushroom sauce, again it was superb. My steak was cooked perfectly, the triple cooked chips were very nice and the mushroom sauce (my favourite) finished the entire dish off quite nicely. I chose the bannoffe cheesecake to finish but I didn’t even get half way through it, I was so full!




Cadiz was very pleasant indeed, we had lovely clear blue skies the entire day and conditions were perfect for more retail therapy! I may have gotten a little over excited in one or two shops, but such is life! 😉 We enjoyed a walk through the various cobbled streets and didn’t worry too much about where it was we were actually going. I have visited Cadiz before and although you can get disorientated quite quickly (all the streets look very similar) I still say it is pretty difficult to find yourself completely and utterly lost.

Our call to Lisbon was also met with wall to wall sunshine, although not very warm in the morning, the afternoon actually gave way to quite a warm air temperature and several passengers were out on deck in shorts and t-shirts – I was not one of them, it was still a tad on the chilly side for me to start bearing that much flesh. We left the ship just after 9am and decided to walk into town, if you are able bodied then it isn’t a strenuous walk, maybe 15 minutes or so before you reach the main square. Again, we dived into a few shops, stopped for the obligatory Pastel de Nata and then finished off our morning with some hot roasted chestnuts. Lisbon is not one of my favourite places and I think next time I will book a tour.


As I mentioned above, we are at sea today and although it doesn’t look that bad outside, Oceana is moving quite a lot. I am in my cabin at the moment, I started packing earlier, and I can hear the wire hangers hitting each other in the wardrobe – they will soon be pulled out and put on the floor, I can’t stand the noise the hangers make when empty! We are pitching constantly but every now and then we go a few feet higher and come crashing back down – I love it, I am well and truly in my element at this precise moment in time. 😉

Being back on Oceana has been wonderful, I really do have a big soft spot for this ship and although I think she could do with some extra TLC in some areas, she never lets me down – even winning me a few quid in the Casino last night – it is sad though because once I leave her on Saturday I will not see her again until 2016! She replaces Ventura in the Mediterranean next year and as I don’t do fly-cruising at the moment I will have to wave a heart breaking goodbye. This will also be the last time I see her with a buff funnel, she will be sporting a new blue funnel and livery when we meet again.

It is a formal evening tonight but my friend and I are going to skip it and have a casual night instead. The buffet is Italian this evening so that should be good (they always have a nice carbonara!), and the plan following that is to check out the quiz again in the Yacht and Compass Bar. We sat outside the main door playing it last night, not properly, we didn’t actually have the score sheet, but we were quite content with our drinks and answering the questions amongst ourselves as they were read out.

I am going to take myself out of the cabin now and see what the rest of the passengers are doing. I have some beautiful photographs to share with you once I am home, most of which will be added to Facebook so if you are not already there, come and join me! 🙂

Author: Danielle


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