Emerald Princess, The Tenerife Floods, Palmitos Park And Food!

Emerald Princess

Hello from a very warm but rather cloudy Lanzarote. We have had a lot of fun and games since my last check in with you, I don’t really know where to start so apologies if I start rambling!

We were docked in Tenerife on Sunday and what an experience it was! As we arrived in the port there was thunder, lightning and rather heavy rain which seemed to be never ending – I think it went on for about 3 hours solid. My friend and I decided to grab breakfast and hopefully by the time we finished the rain would have eased a little bit, and it did. We left the ship and just as we got to the bottom of the main street in Santa Cruz the heavens literally opened! We darted across to Mc Donald’s for shelter and that was as far as we managed to get. The rain was tropical and the thunder and lightning was truly incredible, I have never experienced anything like it in my entire life! Within just a few minutes the street had turned into a raging river. We stayed in Mc Donald’s for about an hour and a half before we decided we really needed to try and attempt to get back to the ship. The water outside Mc Donald’s was rushing down the street so fast, as I walked into the street the water rushed up as high as my knees but we just had to go for it and get across to the other side, we succeeded but as we turned the corner the water in some places was several feet deep, there was one lady up to her waist in it! We eventually found a way through the water without being completely drenched to the bone and we were both incredibly grateful to once again be back aboard Emerald Princess.

tenerife floods

Gran Canaria was the complete opposite to Tenerife, the day started cloudy but it soon burned away and left us with bright and very hot sunshine, ideal for our day at Palmitos Park. We spent roughly four and a half hours at the park and I enjoyed every minute of it. The Dolphin show was absolutely fantastic, they are such clever creatures and they clearly enjoyed putting on a show for the hundreds of people that were watching. It was sad too though if I am honest as they are in captivity, but they don’t know any different, that is the life they live and have become accustomed too. I was choked several times and had to hold back tears because they moved me so much – they really were just so, so happy! The park is also home to many species of birds, some far more attractive than others but all quite impressive, along with crocodiles, meerkats, snakes, monkeys and wallabies, and a beautiful butterfly house.

Dolphins Palmitos Park

Dolphins Palmitos Park

So, that is an update on our ports, now back to the Princess herself, Emerald! What a ship, I am enjoying my time aboard very much and have found nothing major to have a moan about, only one or two little things that are bothering me, but I will come back to those another day. Let me tell you that the food onboard has been wonderful and the Crown Grill is absolutely superb! I went with scallops to start, which were absolutely delicious and for my main course I decided to try my first ever New York Strip. It was so juicy and perfectly cooked and the creamed spinach I had with it was very tasty. I left there absolutely stuffed! I will be trying Sabatini’s tonight and will update you on that very soon, but I am set on trying the “Lobster Three Ways”. I had a pasta dish to start in the main restaurant a few nights ago and although quite simple, my friend and I both agreed that it was perfectly executed and we could have eaten a lot more of it. To follow the pasta I went with Scallops that were pan fried and served with Orzo pasta – one of the nicest seafood dishes I have ever had.


The atmosphere onboard is lively and people are very friendly. The majority of passengers are British and American and it has been nice to meet new people and hear new stories. My friend and I met one couple from the U.S. and they have matching denim jackets which are both covered in badges from all the countries they have visited, they were a pleasure to spend time with and it was nice hearing about their world travels – I am sure we will keep in touch because of our passion for adventure.

We sail from Lanzarote today at 4pm and have a day at sea before we reach Vigo on Thursday.

I will check back in with you all very soon 🙂

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