Oceana Canary Islands Cruise Part 3

Well it’s almost that time again, home time! We are on our last sea day, currently going through the Bay of Biscay and we shall arrive in Southampton early tomorrow morning.

Since I last updated you all we have visited Tenerife and Lisbon. I have been to Tenerife before and was looking forward to some retail therapy but I left with a bag of crisps and that was it! I know, I let the female side down on that one but there was just nothing that jumped out at me so after a few hours walking around I made my way back to the ship and caught some sun rays. It was nice to just sit back and relax on deck with my book.

Oceana P&O Cruises

Lisbon is a place I have never really bonded with to be honest but I decided to get off and wander, more so because I was desperate to find some Wi-Fi as the ships internet had been down for a few days due to updates. It was red hot in Lisbon, I’m sure the thermometer tipped at about 32 degrees and it was irritating my already sunburned arms so I kept to the shade as much as possible. Of course I stopped for a drink and Pastel de Nata, I had never tried those little cakes until this cruise and I have to say they are really good! I was tempted to buy 6 but changed my mind at the last minute, I very much doubt I could have kept them fresh in order to get them home for my family to enjoy.

Horizon Grill Prawns

I am sad that this cruise is coming to an end, it has been wonderful and I have met some fantastic people! I have enjoyed the time that I have had to myself and would always say to anyone considering a solo cruise to just go on and do it! This was my third and I was quite content. I make friends easily and I always say it is much easier for a solo traveller to meet people on a cruise because you have a common interest right away – cruising!

The food has been wonderful, I am fully stocked on prawns! I wonder if it’s possible to overdose on prawns? I may even visit Café Jardin or the Horizon Grill tonight for more! We shall see! 😉

P&O Cruises Oceana Swimming Pool


We have been very lucky with the weather too, our first few sea days were overcast but once we got to Madeira the sun was shining and the temperature was very pleasant. Our only grey port was Gran Canaria and even today we are enjoying clear skies and somewhat calmer waters than we experienced yesterday afternoon. It got a bit bumpy yesterday and there were a few green faces onboard but it has definitely settled slightly. I felt sorry for those passengers that were feeling sea sick but I was secretly hoping the Biscay would give us a longer lumpy ride.

I do love Oceana and always hate having to say goodbye but I am sure it won’t be long before I am back onboard a P&O ship again.

Author: Danielle

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