Oceana Canary Islands Cruise Part 1

Oceana swimming poolHello from Oceana! We are still making our way south at the moment. Since leaving Southampton we have had a day at sea and are now in the middle of our second. We have one more before reaching Madeira on Friday and then it is back to back ports before another day at sea and then Lisbon.

As always it is great to be back onboard, it really is just like coming home! We had great weather for our sailaway from Southampton, in fact I had a little sunburn on my arm before we even left the port! Yesterday was sunny but a little breezy and today the temperature has crept up slightly and we are enjoying another lovely day at sea.

I decided on night 1 that I had to visit Café Jardin and have my favourite, sweet chilli and garlic tiger prawns with rosemary dipping bread. It was so good! If I could dine there every night I would! I followed it with my other favourite, buffalo mozzarella pizza with caramelised red onions but sadly I just didn’t have room for a desert. Maybe I will make up for that loss on my next visit. 😉

There are a few familiar faces onboard and I have met some lovely fellow passengers so I have to say that so far all is well and it is shaping into what I am sure will be another great P&O cruise. There is a nice atmosphere onboard and a good mix of ages. I overheard one woman talking yesterday and she said that she has cruised for many years but loves to see younger faces. She said she remembers a time when cruising was for the older generation but now everyone enjoys it and that’s how it should be.

Last night was a formal night but I decided to skip the main restaurant and instead went for the seafood buffet, I know! Me! Seafood!Oceana Atrium I tried it for the first time on Oriana in March and I actually really enjoyed it so popped my head in last night and ended up with garlic prawns, cod, green beans and some potatoes. It was delicious! I am debating whether or not to do the Horizon Grill tomorrow night or maybe wait until we are into slightly warmer waters. The steak is calling my name though!

I haven’t really done a lot since boarding aside from watching the world go by. It’s so nice to just sit on the open deck and relax, listen to some music or read. If only every day could be like that!

I am heading back to Café Jardin this evening with a few friends that I have made since being onboard so I am looking forward to that and more prawns of course!

I will check back in with you all again soon! 😉

Author: Danielle


  1. Hiya danielle we go on the oceana in july with a two yr old and am a bit concerned. Wud you say it is child friendly with regards to safety? Thanks in advance x

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