Queen Mary And Her Ghosts!


The Queen Mary has become infamous for her ghost sightings and general spooky goings on and I wanted to shed more light on that today! I did briefly cover some sightings and stories in a blog last year titled Haunted Cruise Ships, but I thought it only right that she now have her own piece!

Since the 1980’s the rumours surrounding the haunting of the Queen Mary have been used significantly in her marketing and promotion and there are now various ghost tours available for those that want to do some investigating of their own. The ship was named “one of the top 10 most haunted places in America” by Time Magazine in 2008 and has been investigated several times by some highly credited paranormal investigation teams from all over the world!

There are 49 recorded deaths onboard the Queen Mary (16 crew, 31 passengers and 2 General Infantry) and given her amazing history I am not surprised that some of the souls don’t want to leave!

Queen Mary Hauntings

 First-Class Swimming Pool

Queen Mary first class swimming  Pool

There have been dozens of reports of spooky goings on in this area including wet footprints that appear on the floor and lead from the pool to the changing rooms. Women in vintage bathing suits have also been seen along with the spirit of a young girl carrying her teddy bear. One of the most famous spirits here is a young girl named Jackie. She sadly drowned in the second-class pool (which has since been transformed into a theatre) and has haunted both areas for more than 50-years! People also report hearing disembodied voices and splashing sounds. Now this would all seem pretty normal if the pool had not been closed for more than THREE decades! Evidence suggests that the first-class pool is actually one of the most haunted areas aboard the ship.

Watertight Door #13

Queen Mary Watertight Door 13

John Pedder, an 18-year old crew member was sadly crushed to death by watertight door #13 on July 10, 1966 and ever since there have been strange goings on along what is commonly referred to as “shaft alley”. People have reported seeing a young man in blue overalls pacing along Shaft Alley before disappearing beside door #13. There are also reports of unexplained knocking from the door. Several people have reported finding greasy handprints in the area and one couple back in 1991 were convinced they had come into contact with the spirit of Pedder during their Queen Mary visit. The couple stepped through door #13 and when climbing the stairs had the feeling that they were being watched, they turned to look back at the door when the gentlemen felt something brush across his face. Concerned, the couple turned around and went outside where his wife noticed a small patch of grease on her husband’s face. Ironic as before they stepped through the door he had invited Pedder to join them!

Cabin B340


Cabin B340 is a hive of poltergeist activity! Reports include lights being turned on and off in the middle of the night, taps being turned on and even the bed covers being ripped from the bed. Some guests also reported a man’s voice screaming at them to “get out”. Rumour has it that the spirit behind the disturbances is that of a murdered purser. I don’t know if we will ever know exactly, but the fact that the room lies sealed up with the door number missing and is completely out of bounds to guests says it all.

Archives and Cargo Area

Does this image show an orb?
Does this image show an orb?

 The ghost of a young girl named Dana is said to haunt these areas and can sometimes be found in what was the second class pool area (now the Royal Theatre). According to some, Dana was murdered by her father along with her mother and two sisters in cabin B474.

Queens Salon

Is this the Lady in White?
Is this the Lady in White?

The Queens Salon (at one time the main lounge) is said to be home to the famous “Lady in White” who is often seen dancing to unheard music. She is also seen in the ships lobby area, which is now home to a piano that was once a feature in the Queens Salon. She is obviously attached to the piano and a lover of music!

Visiting the Queen Mary and doing a ghost hunt is on my bucket list! I am confident I would be a nervous wreck (the slightest little thing spooks me) but I am definitely willing to try it!

Have you any stories of your own to share about this wonderful ship and her spooky goings on?

Author: Danielle

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  1. Richard says:

    I have done the “Ghosts and Legends” tour onboard the Queen Mary, and it is the hokiest, cheesiest, touristy thing I have ever done, as well as being one of the most fun! Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the “Ghosts and Legends” tour is something you should do, if nothing else, just to be able to visit areas of the ship that you normally can’t visit on your own, such as the first class swimming pool!

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