Haunted Cruise Ships

When it comes to hauntings and spooky goings on I always keep an open mind, ok that’s a bare faced lie I don’t. If I hear anything go bump in the night I automatically think it is a visit from the other side and start to panic.

It got me thinking though after watching Ghost Hunters last night just how many cruise ships may well be haunted. Maybe the most haunted cruise ship in the world is the Queen Mary, there have been dozens of reports over the years about sightings onboard and one cabin in particular, B340 is no longer rented out to guests because of many reports of incidents including some which were quite violent.

Reports include the bed moving on its own, covers refusing to stay on the bed and if I remember correctly there was once an incident where brand new carpet which had just been laid was torn up and propped up against the wall. Other haunted areas include the first class swimming pool and boiler room.

I must admit I did have a strange encounter on P&O Cruises, Oceana back in April. I had spoken to my mum who was over the moon because for once one of the webcams on a P&O ship showed a big part of the ship instead of just the bow. I made my way to the front of the ship where there was a small splash pool; this is what my mum could see on the camera at home.

It was a pretty windy night and there was not one other soul there, just me, myself and I. She said I can see a small pool and a red box, I said yes that’s correct, I’ll walk around the small pool for a few minutes so that once the camera re-frames you might see me. Obviously there is a slight delay from the camera to the P&O website.

So for about 3 minutes I walked round and round the pool my mum insisting nope I can’t see you, yes! You need to give it a minute to catch up I said. Ok, is there anyone else there with you she said, no mum trust me I am the only idiot walking round and round the pool. After doing this I also stood next to the red box for a minute or so then politely said I was going back inside as by now I was frozen.

I didn’t think much of it, put my phone in my bag and went for dinner. If only I had checked my text messages just a few minutes later! She had messaged me saying she could see me standing next to the red box, described everything I was wearing even down to my sandals and how my hair was styled, but then she also said there was someone standing to my left. It was impossible for someone to be standing there and me not see them, I was the only person up there, in fact, I was the only person on that deck. I wish I had checked my messages because I could then have gotten her to take a screen grab so I could see it once I returned home.

I would stand, put my hand on a bible and swear, no your honour there was no one else up there! My mum said maybe it was your grandma, well, maybe, but to be honest I think she would have taken one look at the ship in Southampton and responded with “there’s no way you’re getting me on that!”.

I would love to know if anyone else has had a spooky encounter whilst cruising, you can’t beat a good ghost story!


Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “Haunted Cruise Ships
  1. Anonymous says:

    i have even been in that ships room its has a funny feeling i can sense something evil in that room like a demon who had lost its life for nio reason well until the Germans came that room was the first to flood it was were the explosion was

  2. Oh that is just spooky!

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