A Girls Holiday

Cruise-Ship-CocktailsThere’s nothing that can beat a girls holiday, ladies are you with me? We can shop, laugh, talk about things the men have no time for and just generally have a good time! It’s even better when it’s spent aboard a cruise ship though!

I have been seeing the world with my friends for several years now and have had some amazing experiences, I also have more than a few stories I could tell, but I’ll leave that for another day and another blog! 😉

One of my friends lives in Kent so we rarely get to see one another, in fact we have spent more time together at sea in the last 2-years than we have on land! I guess we use a reason to cruise as an excuse to actually see each other aside from it also being a holiday! We have visited some incredible places since we took our first girls cruise back in 2011, our first holiday together and my friends first ever cruise I might add. She is not quite as hooked as I am, but I think she has certainly grown to appreciate the experiences available via an ocean going holiday and has learned to put up with my cruise ship obsessions.

I definitely think one of the biggest draws for her about cruising, aside from the destinations of course, is the food. Her dad is a chef so good food is a must in her house. Some of the pictures she has sent me over the years of dishes her father has made have literally made my mouth water! I remember on the ship when she looked at the menu for the main dining room for the first time, she didn’t quite know what to have and I think she was surprised at just how much variation there was. Yesterday I asked her to pick one dish from all our cruises that she would say was her favourite, she said it was tough but that she would have to go with two dishes.  The steak from the Horizon Grill and the Halibut from Café Jardin both of which are on P&O Cruises, Oceana. She also mentioned the Eton Mess on Ventura being pretty good too! That girl does like her ice cream!!

We have been on a few cruises that have been much later in the year and quite long itineraries so naturally the average age is Ventura-Starboard-Sidesomewhat older, but it doesn’t bother us. We got our party heads handed to us on one cruise by a fair few people we met, we just couldn’t keep up with them and they had a good 30+ years on us! We get mistaken for crew A LOT! And people always say ‘why would two young girls want to cruise’ our response, why not? We make our own entertainment and make the overall experience suit us, so whether the ship be full of fun loving young families and couples or slightly older and somewhat mischievous grandparents we really don’t care.

As I said earlier we have been to some incredible places and since we started our adventures back in 2011 we have visited: Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Valetta, Haifa, Kusadasi, Savoca, Grenada, St Lucia, Antigua, Aruba, Cozumel, Roatan, Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, Panama Canal, Montego Bay, Cadiz, Katakolon, Piraeus, St Maarten, Madeira, Tortola, Barbados, Valencia and Limassol. I am positive there are one or two others, but my mind has gone blank.

When I look at all the places above, it makes me realise just how fortunate we have been and still are! We have two up-coming cruises to look forward too. The Northern Lights in March and the Baltic in June. I guess there are many fun times ahead! Maybe we will bump into you onboard one day!

I have several other friends that I enjoy cruising with…….I will introduce you to them next time! 🙂

Author: Danielle

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  1. jarrahjungle says:

    The best bit for me about travelling with girls is getting ready together, having a glass of wine and doing your make up and hair and having a laugh. A great start to the night!

  2. Anne says:

    What ship are you on for the Baltic in June? I’m on the Azura on 29th June

    1. CruiseMiss says:

      Hi Anne 🙂 I am on Braemar for Baltic.

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