Special Little Requests

P&O-Cruises-Oceana-Panama-Canal-TransitWe all have special requests when we cruise, some are for dietary or health reasons and others are just because we like the additional home comfort or extra little treat here and there.

I have several things I tend to ask for on every voyage and if I am entirely honest, only one of them is for dietary reasons!

The first thing I do when I meet my cabin steward is ask for an extra duvet, but only if I am travelling with a friend and having to sleep in a single bed. I am used to my nice big double with a huge fluffy duvet at home so having the bed downsized is one thing but having to sacrifice my duvet is another. I like to wrap myself up in it like I’m in some kind of human cocoon!

I always, ALWAYS ask for extra prawns, I think that’s all I need to say on that subject as I am aware I have said the word prawn far too many times over the last several weeks.

During one cruise last year I couldn’t get enough walnuts, it actually became a running joke with friends onboard and at one point, whilst ashore, they bought me an alabaster walnut. I thought it was a lovely gesture, but a shame I couldn’t eat it! 😉 I remember being in The Plaza on Oceana and racing towards the cheese station where I was hoping I would find some walnuts hidden Walnutsamongst the dried apricots. Until this particular night I had been lucky but all I was left with on this occasion was half a one. I asked one of the crew members if it would be possible to have a small bowl of walnuts, he said certainly madam and off he went. A minute or so later he returned with a bowl which contained no more than 10 walnuts. I looked at him and said thank you, but are we on some kind of walnut ration? I know I have eaten a fair few since I boarded, but surely there are more on the ship somewhere? He smiled then laughed and disappeared again with the bowl. When he returned I made my way back down to the bar with my bursting bowl of walnuts, ordered a drink and was quite content. I don’t like to eat a big meal every night whilst cruising so having something light and then nibbles later in the evening whilst enjoying the company of my fellow passengers is comforting. That is until they start dipping into my bowl….get out!!

The only thing I do ask for which is a must is soya milk, but sometimes even that can haunt me! One morning on my Caribbean cruise I had grabbed my bowl of Alpen with a few extra raisins and some dried coconut and asked for the soya milk. The young crew member opened a fresh carton and as he poured must have obviously squeezed and it more or less exploded everywhere!  It was all over the tray and both our hands, all down the front of the station, running down my jeans and my poor flop flops could have floated away! He looked at me as if he were waiting for Mount Etna to erupt, he didn’t know what to say, he looked terrified and let’s Oceana_dining_ThePlazaface it we all know a few passengers that would have gone up like a rocket if it had happened to them, but it was a genuine accident and I tilted my head towards him and just said “cheers for that” then laughed. As soon as he realised I wasn’t going to report him to his boss or make his life miserable he too smiled and proceeded to apologise until he couldn’t apologise anymore. I said it’s fine, honestly don’t worry about it, it was an accident. I went out of the Plaza for a minute and sorted my flip flops and jeans out then went back to get another bowl of Alpen. I approached him for the milk and said I’m just going to wait over here this time if that’s ok with you. 😉 He was doubled over laughing and I was quite giggly too. From that day on every morning I went for breakfast he was waiting there with a carton of soya milk and promised me he would only pour it over the bowl!

There are many other things I ask for when onboard, but nothing over the top, just little things like extra vegetables sometimes in the main dining room ( I love my greens!) or extra onions on a hot dog. Just the little things that make the biggest difference, the only problem I find is that 99% of mine involve food, not great really, is it? 😉

What about you? What do you request or like a little extra of whilst cruising?

Author: Danielle


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  1. My first request is always for an extra pillow, usually asking for one that is not as “full” as the normal ones, to use as a leg pillow. Almost always accommodated.

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