All Packed And Ready To Go

P&O-Cruises-OceanaTomorrow is the BIG day. I shall drag myself out of bed in the middle of the night, board my Eavesway coach and head towards Southampton to meet Oceana and I CAN’T WAIT!

I am actually quite impressed with my packing skills this time, not only did I complete the task with a few hours to spare I have actually downsized BIG time! (Kind of) I am still taking one case and a large bag, but neither are full (I wanted to leave space for shopping!) I haven’t packed half as many pairs of shoes as I usually would and I have thinned the wardrobe down considerably.

I much prefer packing for a ‘proper’ cruise, one that’s longer than 3 or 4 days.  It’s so much easier! Usually (not this time though!) I would open the case and throw it in, if I wear it then great, if not, never mind, but packing for a short cruise you can’t do that, you need to plan it all out because the case is so SMALL. It took me an age to pack for MSC Magnifica and Marco Polo. I actually thought I was going to have to hospitalize myself because of the mental torment, but this time for 11-nights it has taken me half the time.

Every travel site offers tips on packing, I have probably done one myself in the past, but let’s face it aside from the odd one or two thing’s we learn NOTHING from them. Only you know what you want to take and no online walk-through is going to change that, even if you say it will (and I should know as I have said it many times) it never does.

Anyway enough about packing, it’s almost time to go cruising again! Our first stop (hopefully) is La Coruna followed by Casablanca, Cadiz, Oceana-At-AnchorMalaga, Gibraltar and Lisbon before we head back to the UK.

I am most looking forward to Casablanca as I have never been before. The plan is to visit the Old Medina and the Hassan II Mosque so it should be a nice day and hopefully I can grab some nice little things for people as Christmas gifts. Cadiz will see us visit Seville, again new for me although I have visited Cadiz before and the rest of the ports, I suppose we will take them as they come.

I will be blogging on the voyage and of course updating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so don’t forget to come along and check out the pictures and daily updates!

Until I get on the ship and bombard you with tweets, pictures and whatever else I can logon too…………Enjoy your weekend!

Author: Danielle

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sure you will love it all especially Casablanca!

  2. Sometimes I would just like to be you. Have a lovely time and look forward to hearing all about it !

  3. Carol Reed says:

    So jealous. Have a good time. Hope the sea is rough for you, there’s a good chance it will be.

    1. CruiseMiss says:

      Here’s hoping! Thanks Carol! 🙂

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