P&O Cruises and Cunard Launch NEW Value And Early Saver Fares


New premium value headline fares introduced with lower prices on 100,000 cabins across 200 cruise
New Early Saver fares launched on 90,000 cabins on 178 cruises

P&O Cruises and Cunard Line have launched two new fare types giving customers a choice of premium fares that are inclusive of their most preferred added value benefits, and new lower-priced Early Saver fares which still include some benefits.

Effective from November 4, 2013 the new fares apply to bookings from spring 2014

P&O Cruises Select Fare & Cunard Fare

The P&O Cruises Select Price and the Cunard Fare are the new headline fares offering premium value with flexible booking conditions.  On many cruises, these fares are lower than the Vantage Fares which they replace.  Customers will be able to specify their cabin number and have the highest priority choice of dining time and table size, as well as cabin upgrades should they become available.  Uniquely to P&O Cruises and Cunard, the fare is also inclusive of shuttle buses (where available in ports of call) and a choice of onboard credit or car parking/coach transfers to the port of Southampton. The Select Price fare and Cunard Fare can be booked with a 15% deposit (no in-full payment at time of booking required) and they are available on all cruises at all times.

Early Saver Fare

Early Saver fares offer customers further price reductions, limited added value and flexible booking conditions.  Customers will be able to choose their grade and location of cabin (the specific cabin number will be at the discretion of P&O Cruises/Cunard), with a lower priority of dining time or table size. Early Saver fares may be offered on specific cruises and availability will vary. Again these cruises will require a 15% deposit – No in-full payment at time of booking.

Other promotional fares could be introduced occasionally, including limited late availability deals but they will offer no choice of cabin, dining time or table size and will have very restrictive booking conditions. The possibility of an upgrade is also ruled out with these fares.

The current Vantage and Getaway Fare structure will continue to be available for all cruises departing up to the start of spring 2014. For those customers already booked on a Vantage Fare or Getaway Fare, the booking terms and conditions will remain the same.  All Vantage Fare bookings will continue to be protected by the Price Promise.

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  1. I thought that the vantage fare was too expensive anyway, like peter said it may take some time to win a few people back, but this new system seems to make more sense. i’ll be glad of the flexible booking conditions because it will give my customers more freedom to not have to worry about any last minute changes.

  2. Hopefully this will please customers who are fed up with the Vantage/Getaway, but it might take a little time and patience to win people back

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