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Eavesway-Travel-CoachOne of the most important things for me when it comes to cruising is how I actually get to the port of Southampton. I live more or less at the other end of the country so the cruise link service is vital, without it the only cruising I would be doing is down the River Tyne in a dinghy, not quite the same really, is it?

I have used Eavesway Travel since 2010 and it’s now a firm part of my cruise experience. The coach journey from Washington Services (my pick-up point with Eavesway) to the port of Southampton takes roughly 7 hours. It sounds like a long time I know, but I can honestly say it never feels as long as it is. All the coaches are very comfortable and more importantly, very spacious. I couldn’t believe the amount of leg room between the seats when I first used the coach service. The driver will also usually take 2 comfort stops so this breaks the journey up nicely, gives you a chance to grab some food and stretch your legs. In all it’s a very relaxed start to your cruise and I know a lot of people who stopped taking their cars to the port because the cruise link service was so convenient and reliable.

Because I rely on Eavesway, as I am sure many others do, I wanted to use today’s blog to let you know about what’s happening with their cruise link service in 2014. From April, they will offer a cruise link service for P&O Cruises, Cunard, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and it was recently announced that Fred Olsen will also be on the list. Eavesway will also be freezing their 2013 prices until January 1st 2015.

I know they already offer a cruise link service for P&O Cruises, Princess and Cunard, but offering the service for the other cruise lines that homeport ships in Southampton can’t come soon enough and I am very excited about it. It’s going to give cruisers so much more choice when it comes to deciding which ship to pick and more importantly, take away the hassle of things like rail and longer journey options to and from the port.

I have never had a bad experience with Eavesway or arrived at the port later than scheduled and best of all, I have never been ticked off forEavesway-Travel-Coach the fact my bags are usually over weight, OK! Always overweight! 😉 They have a 20kg weight limit per bag, however passengers can bring as much luggage as they like unless the cruise is over 21 nights in which case it is restricted to 3 cases per person.

I would recommend Eavesway to everyone. If you usually drive to Southampton and park your car at the port then for your next cruise just give Eavesway a try, I am positive you will never use the car again. You meet your coach, your luggage is loaded for you and that’s the last time you will see it until it magically appears outside your cabin. It’s so hassle free that even if you lose your ticket it doesn’t matter because they will have you on their list. It really couldn’t be any more convenient.

This is the link to the Eavesway 2013 newsletter. It contains information on fare prices for 2014, new pick up points for 2014 and contact information should you require any further information.

Author: Danielle


  1. What a shame the old Boat Trains (yes, I know that ought to be “Ship Trains” no longer exist. Arriving by First Class rail would be the right way to join a cruise, putting you in exactly the right mood to enjoy stylish, luxurious travel.

  2. The last time I sailed out of Southampton, the group I was with and I had spend a few days in London first. Before we flew to London, I made travel arrangements with MEGATRAIN! The trip from London to Southampton cost a total of 1.50 GBP per person! We have the MEGABUS over here in the US, and it is run by the same company. The MEGATRAIN runs as part of the regular rail system, and was flawless.

    By the way, that was in 2010, and this group was made up of people I met on the final transatlantic crossing of the QE2, and this time we were doing a westbound TA on the QM2!

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