So Many Places To Visit

tokyo-japanA while ago I contributed content to a new cruise website called BonVoyage, I worked on the destination content for the site and having found the documents on my laptop yesterday it got me thinking about places in the world I am yet to visit.

That’s the thing about writing and blogging. You write so much that some documents are often lost amongst others for a long time. You suddenly find them and it sparks a new idea to yet again write about. I love it!

So where do I want to go? I obviously want to go everywhere, I want to see the world, but on this occasion I will narrow it down slightly! 😉

The Far East is an option that is appealing to me more and more. I can only imagine what Hong Kong is like of an evening or what hustle and bustle awaits in somewhere like Tokyo, Japan. I don’t fully know what I would expect from the Far East aside from magic! I know several people who have cruised this region and they all return saying the shopping was wonderful, the sights were out of this world and a favourite stop amongst them all always seems to be Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. My neighbour particularly enjoyed the markets there, they were good for silk in all ways, shapes and forms and she returned with various items of clothing. The detail in each item was incredible and they were inexpensive she said.bora-bora

The South Pacific region, I can’t get out of my head at the moment. All I can think about are places like Bora Bora, Nuku’Alofa and Moorea. I am so desperate to explore this region and have been for quite some time. I thought the Caribbean was paradise on earth and the crystal clear waters the islands had to offer were what I had always dreamed about, but I suspect the Pacific would just blow my mind completely. The pictures online and the stories of people that have visited make me want to leave right now. Be honest I bet you have never looked at a picture from one of the islands in this region and said ‘yeah, I guess it looks nice’ I imagine something more along the lines of ‘WOW, what a destination’.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with Ancient Egypt and if any place were on the top of my list it would have to be the Middle East. That way I could not only enjoy the wonder and magic that Egypt has to offer, but I could also explore places like Abu Dhabi, Aqaba and Muscat.  I would love nothing more than the chance to find myself one day in The Valley of the Kings in Egypt and then standing before Petra in Jordan the next. Country hopping always sounds like fun to me and what a way to do it, nothing could beat the history in these places.

I have always been intrigued by South America and my visit to Cozumel, Mexico in January got my mind thinking more about cruises there. christ-the-redeemer-statueI would love to explore San Juan in Puerto Rico. They have the Bacardi distillery there, a great excuse to sample it of course 😉 but they also have lush tropical rainforests, the most popular being El Yunque. I enjoyed my St Lucia rainforest adventure but to do one in South America would be the climax. Rio de Janeiro is also high on my list. There is a replica in Lisbon of the statue, Christ the Redeemer and it is incredibly impressive to see as you sail in and out of the port, I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to see the one atop Corcovado Mountain in Brazil. I hope I don’t forever wonder!

So there you have it, some of the places I am hoping to see during my lifetime and if I’m honest I would like to see a lot of them via a world cruise. Come on now, you knew I had to mention that at some point! 😉

Author: Danielle



  1. What a coincidence that your posting came on the day that the 2015 P&O world cruises were advertised. I spent several minutes just staring at the ports of call and wondering if I can afford a second (and final) world adventure. To answer your question about ‘where to go’ I would throw the small island of Apia into the mix. we had a magical day there in 2012 and we swam in the sea (in the rain) and it was so warm, and the tropical fish swam around our legs just a few metres off shore.
    I suspect this experience can be sampled in so many places around the warmer parts of our world, and I tell you once again…..if you get the chance, go and see the world, and worry about the consequences afterwards.
    Another dream location for my wife is the Antarctic. No ships from Britain go there and back and because I won’t fly I have told her to do that one once I have popped my clogs.

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