It’s A Cruise Ship Life

Carnival-SunshineI came across some content a little while ago that is aimed towards crew members. It’s from the “Working on Cruise Ships” Facebook page, but the more I read, the more I found things that passengers could also relate too. I have noted some of them down for you as they made me laugh and I know a few people who will enjoy them.


1: Days of the week become countries

2: You have to turn on the TV to see the weather outside

3: Arriving in a new port usually consists of finding the free WI-FI

4: Taking a bath is considered a luxury

5: Seeing the captain at the gym is like seeing a movie star at the supermarket

6: If you get a job on land, you’ll feel naked without a name badge

7: You have to be a contortionist to shave your legs

8: You haven’t known what day of the week it is for 6 months

9: You can survive with 3 pairs of jeans for 6months

10: Hangovers can be blamed on sea sickness

You have to admit the above is pretty accurate. I can relate to most of them, aside from the name badge one of course but even asMSC-Cruises-MSC-Magnifica passengers we know the crew can’t be seen without it. As passengers we also know that if we come across a group of crew members congregating in one spot ashore then that means there’s free WI-FI! Out comes the mobile phone and everyone is happy.

I lose track of the days too, during my five week Caribbean cruise I knew whether it was night or day and that was about it, and yes I had to turn the TV on to see the weather outside!

Ladies, how many of you have almost ended up in the medical centre because of trying to shave your legs during a force 12 storm? 😉 Many a time have I almost found myself diving head first into the sink. Shaving ones legs at sea is something that requires great skill and I’m sure there should be an award at the end!

I could go on but you all get the visual by now. I wonder how many of you are sitting chuckling away to yourselves, passengers and crew!

Author: Danielle

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  1. I can also relate to all of those!! the free wi-fi was one of the main reason if i was to get off the ship in port or not!

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