Life After A Cruise Is Rubbish, We All Feel It!

Holland-America-Line-Nieuw-AmsterdamHave you ever noticed that after a cruise, especially if it is a long one, you struggle to get back into the simple things we do day in day out in life?

Like making the bed, such a chore to do again when someone has done it for you for several weeks yet you managed perfectly fine for the last however many years before boarding the ship. There are so many little things that become mammoth tasks you just can’t seem to face anymore. Being “looked after” for a few weeks really does make you appreciate once back at home, just how well we are taken care of whilst on board our favourite cruise ships and how hard the crew work!!

Let’s take a typical day.

You shower and then place the towel on the floor or in the shower basin for it to be changed. Sadly if you do that at home unless you have cleaning fairies living with you then it’s still going to be there when you return from work. You venture down for breakfast and all that greets you is a box of corn flakes. Not quite the same as having a full English or continental waiting for you, is it?

The fine dining is nothing but a distant memory. Before the cruise you quite happily slaved away cooking a delicious family meal butCelebrity-Eclipse now even a sandwich feels like something you just don’t have the energy for. You briefly think back to the ease of the lunchtime buffet and how right now you would do anything just to pop your head in and see what’s on offer. Instead you now have the choice of whatever is still edible in the refrigerator.

The evening’s entertainment has resorted back to things like CSI and BBC Drama’s with the occasional trip to the local pub. If you are really lucky a series of Hell’s Kitchen might be running on TV, this way at least you can watch your frustration of being back home, magically leave via Gordon Ramsay’s mouth as he screams expletives and throws scallops at the poor souls in the competition.

As the evening draws near you settle down after such a traumatic day, in a not so comfortable bed for a not so exciting night and to top it all off there’s no chocolate waiting for you. It’s at this moment you remind yourself that even the wake-up calls from god, also known as reception, are no more. You have to fend for yourself now and rely on the good old alarm clock.

MSC-Cruises-MSC-MagnificaWelcome back to reality, Oh yes! It feels wonderful to be back home, doesn’t it!

There are other little things that get to me though, for example even the toilet takes on a new form! The toilets in our homes are often a lot lower than they are on cruise ships, you return home and suddenly you have what feels like 5 extra miles to travel before finding it. Not the nicest experience in the middle of the night when one is still half asleep.

Anyway……this is my back to reality check…………..

To those of you about to embark on another cruise adventure, think of us, your fellow cruisers, who are struggling to once again come to terms with our loss! 😉

Author: Danielle

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  1. Thanks for the fun read. I just returned from a cruise 4 days ago and can totally relate to many of your points!

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