Living Aboard The World

The-World-YachtI often wonder what it must be like to live on a cruise ship. Not in the sense that you are crew and ‘live’ on board for the term of your contract or you are on a world cruise, I mean to ACTUALLY live on board.

Launched in 2002 and at 644 feet The World is the largest privately owned yacht on the planet. On board there are 165 private residencies all owned by those who sail in her, collectively they own the ship. You too could own a place on board if you have a few shiny pennies in the bank!

You have a varied choice of on board accommodation including a three bedroom apartment. This is probably the ideal family choice. Inside you will find a rather spacious and fully fitted kitchen, three full sized bathrooms, beautiful bedrooms and a generous sized living space. If that wasn’t enough you also have a wonderful veranda area and a backdrop that changes by the day.

For something a little smaller they offer 1 bed studio apartments but even these look incredibly decent in size and all feature a separateThe-World-Residence kitchen and lounge area. They too come with private verandas, some with two, some with three, depending on the studio type you select.

So now you have selected your living space it’s time to jump on board and travel, basically!

The World continuously circumnavigates the globe, reaching ports of call you could only ever dream of. Like a standard cruise ship everything is planned in advance and you can see clearly where the route will take you. This year she started her journey in the Caribbean and will visit Northern Europe, The Middle-East and Black Sea before ending the year in Madeira. In 2014 she will sail across the Atlantic to the Caribbean before transiting the Panama Canal. She will then make her way down the west coast of South America and then cross over to the Pacific.

I am lucky enough to have seen The World several times during my own travels and she is a rather attractive vessel! Most recently I had the pleasure of her company whilst we were docked in Aruba, in January. There were several other ships in port that day but she definitely stole the show.

The-World-Residences-At-SeaLike everything in life, residency aboard comes with its terms and conditions and, like all cruise ships, those on board still have dress codes and other guides to follow. I suppose in a way you enjoy everything  that you get on a cruise ship however, you go home at the end of the day and not just back to your cabin. What a way to LIVE LIFE!

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Living Aboard The World
  1. Anne Selinsky says:

    I often wonder if it would be possible as a woman with several medical problems and mobility issues whether or not this would be possible for me.
    The very thought of residing on “The World” makes me feel alive and renewed !!

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