Sleeping Under The Stars

Moon-At-SeaIf there is one thing that I wish we could do now and then on board its sleep literally under the stars. Now I know logistically this is not possible for every single passenger to do but wouldn’t it be nice to have the option now and then?

Imagine a hot summers evening whilst cruising through a flat calm Mediterranean Sea. You gaze up at the stars, each one gently winking at you as it wishes you a sincere good night. You pull the quilt further round you and snuggle up, breathing in that fresh middle of nowhere sea air and off you drift into a peaceful slumber……..have I got your attention yet?!

I wonder how it would actually work though, I mean could there be a few cabins on board with super-size balconies that can be rotated on a nightly basis? Or would it be a case of transforming a specific section of the open deck to accommodate a few guests for the evening? I really don’t know and to be honest I would be quite happy being left with a sun lounger and a quilt for the night! It’s hard to hide class as my mum would say but hey, at least I am being honest. 😉

I enjoy being on the open deck at night and looking up at the stars, I had the most fantastic visual treat of stars en-route home from the Caribbean. I had never in my life experienced such a sky and I could have looked up forever, had my head not felt like it was going to roll off my shoulders after 15 minutes of it.

The best place I have found up to now though for star gazing at sea is a certain deck on P&O Cruises, Ventura. If you go up the stairs either side of Breakers Bar it leads to a small area full of sun loungers but at night it’s not used so it’s quiet, the lighting is very dim and it is deadly silent. It’s the ideal spot to not only stargaze but to have peace and complete silence too. I imagine when the outdoor screen on Azura is not in use the same would apply to this ship, making both ideal for outdoor snoozing!

I know one or two ships have offered something like this in the past where passengers could have the option to sleep under the starsStargazing-At-Sea but what it came of, I have no idea and they were only offered by the odd one or two ultra-luxury lines.

Carnival Triumph passengers did get the opportunity to sleep outside recently as we all know however, I am guessing when forced into the situation it fails to have quite the same affect on you.

Now I am thinking, what if I just casually took myself off one evening but used a towel instead of a quilt (to remain inconspicuous) and nodded off, would anyone actually come and move me?? I wonder indeed! Maybe on my next cruise (a hot one obviously!) I might just give it a try……we shall see! Knowing my luck a thick fog would roll in and I’d be blasted awake by the ships fog horn and, that my friend would not be fun, AT ALL!

Author: Danielle

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  1. ria says:

    Haha, let’s do it!!!

    I’ve laid at that exact spot you decribe (I think) stargazing! Only downfall is that’s where the kitchen vents come out so I left after half an hour smelling a bit like a deep fat fryer! Only left though since I thought I would nods off!

    Ya know, on Azura for the sea screen try have special sun lounger covers with a built in pillow and nice fleeces to cover up – those would totally be fit for purpose – SO COMFY!

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