The Perfect Lido Deck

Seabourn-Sojourn-Lido-DeckDuring one of our recent twitter #CruiseChat hours the topic of discussion was cruise ship lido decks and what would essentially make your Lido deck perfect.

There were some good responses from people involved when it came to the question ‘if you could re-name the Lido deck then what would you call it’. Answers included Bar Deck, Tape Deck and my own answer was Home Deck, I thought that was a pretty good answer considering when I am on board I spend the majority of my life there. In fact if I could get a blanket and just sleep there too then I would.

Everyone had their own wishes and requests, they wanted bars in specific places, the option of throwing passengers belongings overboard that left the sun loungers too long and some even wanted loungers that had a built in spritzer system. This one I think would actually be a fabulous idea, we could stay cool all day and maybe have an option to switch between water spritz and sun lotion application.

It got me thinking though, imagine if you could create your very own Lido deck. Have it exactly as you would want it and if you couldn’t have it to yourself forever at least be given the privilege of having it for an hour or two, undisturbed.

The more I sat and thought about it the more my Lido deck to be honest would be pretty much the way it is now. I don’t think I would change all that much although there is one thing I would definitely have to add! I would have a system built in to each sun lounger that means the chair refuses to move if it is being dragged into an area that is going to cause an obstruction for other people. Some supermarkets have these systems built into their shopping carts so when it reaches a certain point it won’t move anymore, that’s what I would use! I have seen people literally block the stairs because it was a “sunny spot”. I don’t mind them being moved but sometimesP&O-Cruises-Ventura-Lido-Deck common sense is nowhere to be found.

Aside from that I am happy with the swimming pool, the bar, the option to sit down or relax on a lounger, the food is close enough, what more really could you want? I know some people would prefer the most out of this world things to be added but for me less is more in this instance. I just like peace and quiet and if anything I would rather have my own little quiet corner and just switch off from the rest of the world.

I suppose the question now is what would YOU add or take away in order to make your Lido deck experience nothing less than perfect?!

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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