Caribbean Cruise Grenada

Just beyond the first pontoon is the water taxi, you can just see one white boat.
Just beyond the first pontoon is the water taxi, you can just see one white boat.

Port 4 was Grenada, our last port before a now well needed sea day. I love port days but we all need a day off every now and then to just do nothing.

Today we were going to spend the day at Grand Anse beach. We had heard so many great things about this beach before we left for the cruise and had looked into how we got there, that would be via water taxi. We could see the water taxis as soon as we docked. They sit to the left just outside the cruise terminal, you can’t miss them. We made our way along the dock, through the terminal then out and along to where we would grab the boat. The cost was $4pp each way and they got as many of you in those boats as they possibly could.

After what felt like a life time of getting people in they finally started their engines and we were off. The ride itself was quite nice and offered some ideal photo opportunities especially of the ship. It was all very pretty and very green, we could see the beach in no time, and it literally is just a stone’s throw away from the ship via water taxi.

We arrived onto the beach and I was instantly in love! It had such a nice vibe, the peopleGrand-Anse-Beach-Grenada were friendly, there was no real hassle with anything, you said no and they left you alone. The guys trying to sell the water sports were a little more persistent but not to the point where it became a problem. We decided to head along and find some sun beds not too far from where the small craft market was. We found a nice little bar called Lazy Days and decided that’s where we would pitch for the day. Using their beds offered you the waiter service, you could use their restroom facilities and they also had the bar just set off the beach where you could catch some shade if need be. We were also within a few yards of the market, perfect!

My friend and I enjoyed the ocean a great deal and spent a good part of the day just bopping around in the warm blue waters. That was until we were all wiped out entirely by one wave we didn’t see coming. I don’t want to get my hair wet I said before we got to the beach but after that wave, wet hair was the least of my worries. It really did knock me off my feet and it took me under. I scraped my left leg across the bottom which felt like dragging it across sand paper as by now I was also burned on my legs but hadn’t quite felt it until that point.

Once I surfaced and managed to compose myself I realised my sunglasses had gone AWOL. I hunted and hunted, picking everything up from the sand except them! Eventually I gave up. The tide was so strong I was convinced by now they were probably on their way out to sea. Much to my complete shock around 25 minutes or so later a guy found them about 100 yards down the beach.

Craft-Market-Grand-Anse-BeachThe market was quite nice but not so much a market as it were just small huts filled with souvenirs and other goodies. There were lots of spices and other things like clothing, bags and candles etc but, there were also things like turtle shell jewellery which I found quite sad and would ask you please do not buy any of it. Stick to the spices and souvenirs. If tourists don’t buy it then the locals won’t have the need to source it.

Eventually we had to accept that our day was coming to a close and we really should think about heading back to the ship. We made our way back along to the pontoon where we caught a water taxi back and agreed today had been a great day.

I was bitten by Grenada but in a good way; I could have quite happily stayed there. It was beautiful and I would definitely recommend Grand Anse to anyone that is due to visit the island.

Author: Danielle

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