Caribbean Cruise Barbados

Celebrity-Cruises-SummitOur third island was Barbados. The sun was shining, the temperature was increasing nicely and Celebrity Summit had also joined us in port for the day.

Barbados was one of the ports we did not really have anything planned for. We had assumed we didn’t really need to do much work on this one before we left and would just go with the flow once we got there. In all honesty, not the best idea we had.

We left the port and walked towards the Pelican Craft Market which we had researched before we left. It was still early so everything was closed but it was nice to get a feel for it and we knew we could stop again on our way back from town.

We reached town, picked a road and walked down it. We ended up at the world famousThe-Boatyard-Carlisle-Bay-Barbados Boatyard on Carlisle Bay. The beach itself was nice and the water was crystal clear. The Boatyard was just setting up for the day and although first impressions were along the lines of “is that it” I have to remember it was early so the party was not quite in full swing. I imagine come mid afternoon this place would be alive with music, fun and water sports! And I am told of an evening it is definitely the place to be.

After a walk along the beach and a few pictures we decided to make our way back to the main Marina. This seemed to be the centre of town so we popped in a few shops as we went and just took the day easy really. As much as it would have been nice to have actually gone somewhere here it was also nice to do nothing and just take the day as it came, and I did enjoy that aspect of it.

Pelican-Craft-Centre-Bridgetown-BarbadosCome noon we started to walk back towards the cruise port, calling into a supermarket on our way and back into the Pelican Craft Market. This time the stores were open but really it was nothing to get too excited about. A nice little setting though so definitely worth a look and there was what looked like a nice restaurant there too.

We crossed the road and walked back along the coastline, this was fun! Every now and then you ran the risk of being completely drenched as the waves came up and over the rocks that were between you and the blue ocean.

Overall Barbados was not my favourite port, in fact it was the one I liked the least out of them all, however, we really should have taken a trip out of Bridgetown. People talked about fabulous beaches and restaurants just a short taxi ride away but we had assumed Barbados and all her beauty would have been on the dock when we got there and we assumed wrong.

I know many people who love the island, I clearly am yet to see those parts but my friendBridgetown-Barbados-Cruise-Port and I laughed at the postcards for sale where we were. False advertising we said, I didn’t see a beach like that! 😉

You win some you lose some, if I did go back I would without a doubt take some kind of excursion or maybe do a little more homework on what’s within a reasonable cab ride away.

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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