A Birthday At Sea

With my mum’s birthday being today it made me think of birthday celebrations at sea and how much fun they are.

I am yet to celebrate getting another year older whilst I cruise but have seen many others enjoy the moment onboard along with my friend last year who had the best birthday celebrations at sea!

Happy-BirthdayI had taken a few things with me in order to decorate our cabin, all I needed was our cabin steward to help me with cellotape and balloons once I let him know what date her birthday was.

The morning of December 8th was manic for me; I had to get EVERYTHING ready in the time it took her to shower as I couldn’t exactly throw her out in her pyjamas whilst I set everything up now could I?! Well, OK I could but I didn’t think she would appreciate it too much. This particular day we also had our excursion to Savoca in Sicily so it was a race to make sure I still had time to get myself ready for that too.

As soon as she shut the bathroom door I went to work. I had hidden banners and the balloons that our cabin steward had given me in one of the drawers along with presents from family at home and cards. I literally threw some jeans and a jumper on, flew out of the cabin and found our cabin steward 4 doors down who thankfully had remembered to bring the cellotape. I stuck banners and balloons all over the cabin door and walls. I half made her bed and placed her cards and gifts so as soon as she opened the bathroom door she would see them.

She seemed pretty happy with my efforts and clearly had not expected any of it. After Birthday-Celebrations-At-Seaopening her cards and gifts we made our way to the gangway to enjoy our shore excursion.

Once we returned to the ship we were told by some of the bar staff to go along to the bar as soon as possible, we dropped the goodies we had bought on our trip and made our way out to deck 14. The bar staff had been wonderful the entire cruise but today they topped all our expectations. They had “borrowed” 😉 four small Madeline type cakes from the buffet and placed them in the middle of a plate, around the edge of the plate they had written happy birthday in a type of raspberry syrup, had balloons, a vase of flowers, some fruit and had made each of us each a special milky drink to celebrate. They also sang happy birthday to her as loudly as possible and mid way through passengers had also joined in the sing song.

It was so nice of them to do this, we had clearly made some wonderful friends but again she was in for another surprise as we made our way that evening to one of the onboard speciality restaurants.

Birthday-CakeWe arrived and were shown to our table, after a wonderful meal the restaurant manager gave me “the look” and I gave him the nod. He gathered up the waiters and they approached the table with a wonderful cake. The candle was lit, the balloons were swaying and they all sang happy birthday to her. The cake was wonderful. It was literally cream and fresh fruit, absolutely delicious!

It had been a wonderful day and definitely a birthday she would remember for a very long time.

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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