Cruise Tips With A Difference

You can browse the internet and find numerous cruise tips, what to do, what not to do, what to pack and so on, but what about the things that we may not always consider? I thought the following little hints and tips might come in useful for some of you.

Dubrovnik1: If you visit a rather hot and humid destination and find your ankles and feet start to swell don’t panic or rush to the medical centre onboard. At night simply pop your lifejacket under the mattress. This will elevate your feet to hopefully just above your heart allowing the swelling to slowly reduce. Another good idea for through the day is to ask for a pint glass full of ice, pop the ice cubes in a towel and wrap that around your feet. Alternatively swim! This takes the pressure off and it worked for me! Don’t forget to remove the lifejacket the following morning though; don’t want to give your cabin steward a shock when he/she thinks your bed is levitating!

2: If you are going to the opposite end of the scale and visiting a cold destination then before leaving the ship or even going out onto the open decks apply moisturising cream quite generously to your face. Make sure it is all rubbed in of course (you don’t want to look like you are going out in camouflage) and dab a small amount onto your bottom lip. This will protect your skin against a cold wind chill, you will still feel the cold but it won’t hurt quite as much. You could try this at home now depending on where in the world you live.

3: If you are heading out on a long excursion and no snacks are included then take a little packed lunch from the ship. Now many cruisers will already know this but some first timers will not. Some cruise lines offer a packed lunch, you still have to ask for it but they will gladly make it up for you. Others don’t but fear not, before you leave the ship simply pop along to the buffet and grab a few pieces of fruit or maybe even make yourself a small sandwich to take with you. This will keep the hunger at bay until you can sit and enjoy a more filling lunch option. Keep it discreet though! This would be a good time to note maybe packing half a dozen small sandwich bags wouldn’t be a bad idea before you leave home.

4: On those days when the weather is just too much and all you want to do is get back toGlass-Of-Water your cabin, freshen up and grab a nice cold drink may I suggest keeping a glass of water in your fridge at all times. I was so grateful when in Venice and Dubrovnik to come back to my cabin and guzzle down a nice cold glass of water. I usually boil the water in the kettle, let it cool slightly, pour into the glasses in the cabin then pop them in the fridge. When you feel hot and bothered the last thing you want to do is find a waiter so take a five minute time out, kick back, relax and then make your way back out into the world once you have cooled off.

5: This may sound like a rather unpleasant subject but it has to be said! Cruise lines offer us glossy brochures showing stunningly beautiful ships, amazing destinations and food that literally makes our mouth water but, what you don’t find until you actually step onboard is that they give you all of this luxury then put the world’s worst toilet paper in your cabin!! I have actually come across passengers who have packed their own from home and taken it with them. This may seem a little extreme but hey, there’s nothing wrong with a nice piece of Charmin or Andrex! 😉

There are probably so many other ideas I could note down but then this could turn into a book. If you have any ideas, hints or tips then please leave a comment below and share them with us all!

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