A Cruise With Friends

P&O-Cruises-Oceana-CaribbeanSo with only 29 days left to go until the big Caribbean adventure the one thing at the moment I am looking forward to the most is seeing my friend again. I have not seen her since we left Oceana last December after our 24-night Eastern Mediterranean voyage and I can honestly say I have missed her……I’m only saying that once so enjoy the moment my dear! 😉

I am also looking forward to seeing a friend we made on our cruise last December, she is once again on the same voyage so there should be plenty of laughs!

For two people who rarely get to actually see one another we really do have the best cruises and I know this one will be no different, if anything it will probably be ten times better than our last ones combined.

We have worked hard and planned out more or less every aspect of our cruise, we have had not one disagreement on where to go or what to do and we are now I would say 99% of the way through our own port guide.  Well, I say we have had not one disagreement that really is a big fat lie. We can’t settle on two things. She wants to do parasailing, I would rather not and I want to hire a jet ski where as she would rather not. Maybe those ideas are individual moments where the other must take charge of the camera for those all important holiday snaps! But truly aside from that we have nodded and smiled the whole way through our research.

It will feel so strange meeting up in Southampton, again at a time of year when it’s cold,Southampton-At-Night miserable and we leave the port under the pitch black darkness of the night sky. I am guessing it will feel like we never left Oceana last December, especially when the cold starts setting into the bones! I refuse to stay inside during any sail away regardless of the weather. I will have to be out on the open deck watching the lights fade away as we sail further and further out to sea. That is a huge part of cruising for me and by that time we will probably be so excited the cold will be only a mere inconvenience rather than a life threatening hypothermia moment……here’s hoping anyway!

Aside from thoughts of the Caribbean to keep us warm we also have a P&O Cruises 175 year bottle of celebratory bubbly ready to enjoy as we sail out of the Solent, aware more than ever by that point we have just embarked on the cruise voyage of a lifetime.

I suppose the question now is…..Will we come back?!

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “A Cruise With Friends
  1. CruiseMiss says:

    I am still un-decided, at first I was OK with the idea but having a small issue with heights is putting me off. We don’t do the Dominican Republic on this cruise sadly, maybe catch that on the next one! 😉

  2. Cruising with friends is great! What a way to share an experience of a lifetime. Danielle, I say do the parasailing, it is a great experience. Being up there is so peaceful, just like your floating up there. I don’t have your itinerary memorized but if your going to the Dominican Republic, Don’t do the parasailing there!!!

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