Cruise Ship Webcams

Queen Elizabeth docked in Santorini, Greece, this morning.

The cruise ship webcam, where would we be without it!? I think they are marvellous little touches and I look at a few almost on a daily basis. They are great for days like today when the weather outside at home is nothing short of miserable. We can simply log on and catch a glimpse of the sunrise in a foreign land or even check out the area surrounding a port that we may be due to visit ourselves on an upcoming cruise.

They are great for keeping up to speed with the voyages of friends and family members too. If you can’t get in touch with one another you can always at least see where in the world they are and where they are heading to next.

It has to be said some of them are not particularly great, the cameras really could do with being adjusted slightly and maybe cleaned more often but for the most part they are ideal for glimpsing into the world from the comfort of your living room.

These are some of my favourite cruise ship webcams

P&O Cruises Oceana – I really like this one because the camera changes on a daily basis, you have a few hours a day when you have a view from the front of the ship but then they change it to a mid-ships view and at night it looks beautiful! Everything is lit up, the swimming pools are glowing and just before the sunsets you can get a nice view of the land she is leaving behind. If they change it in time obviously.

MSC Fantasia – For me this particular camera offers a great view from the front of the ship, so many of the webcams are too low down so all you really see is either ocean  or the ship’s bow, we want to see some of the destinations too and this one is perfect for it. She also shows a nice mid-ships view, more or less the entire width of the deck.

Carnival Breeze – An awesome view on this one from the front of the ship. Mid-ships view is ok, but for me this one is all about the forward position. Note the funnel on the map indicating the ships position, nice little touch!

Allure of the Seas– The Royal Caribbean webcams are awesome, you don’t just get one or two cameras, you get four! Although a destination view would be nice, with the cameras on Allure you can explore the ship! You can switch between views of the Royal Promenade, AquaTheater, FlowRider and the Pool and Sports Zone, although this really is a view of the Zip Line area.

Costa Pacifica, view from her Aft webcam this morning

You can sit back and enjoy some amazing views from a cruise ship webcam including a Panama Canal transit, maybe watch the sunrise in the Far East or take in the breathtaking view of Sydney harbour. Find an itinerary you like and simply stalk it, you never know what you might spot!

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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