A Packing Dilemma

When it comes to any type of holiday the one thing you cannot avoid is packing. We loathe it but it is an evil necessity that must be carried out if we want to go anywhere.

Usually it’s what shoes will I pack, have I got enough pairs of shorts, what stuff belonging to the husband can I take out in order to add something else of my own (you know who you are) but, as much as I am sure I will face those same issues when I start my own packing my issue right now is what on earth cosmetics wise do I pack for a five week cruise?!

This to me is the side of packing we don’t usually give a great deal of thought too, it almost comes as second nature for a one or two week voyage but it suddenly hit me, this is a 5 week voyage!

I have started buying bits and pieces but is it enough? Is it too much? I know it probably seems a strange blog topic but these things are just as important as clothes especially to us women! We can’t possibly run the risk of frizzy hair or dry skin.

It seems so silly though, to be getting all flustered over facial wipes of all things. So far I have 4 packs, that’s roughly 130 wipes. My friend said to me “try and think how many you would use on average per day whilst onboard” I think that would probably be 3 so if I have 3 a day, with 130 wipes I still have more than enough spares for things like beach days.

Then I have to work out what shampoo and conditioner to take and, I don’t even want to think about the mosquito spray or sun lotion yet!

Are you seeing my dilemma? The only thing I can say is I am glad I only have to pack for myself, I don’t think I could cope with the responsibility of packing for someone else too but I am dreading the weight of my bags, not that it matters as such for this cruise as there is no baggage weight limit but I do still need to be able to lift it down the stairs and get it out of the front door!

I think I will have one bag that will more or less be just cosmetic products! I mean I need my lotions and potions, just like every other woman on the planet.

It really is a head scratching moment, having to put so much thought into what to take. This will be my longest cruise yet, beating my last by 11 days but even for the 24-night cruise I don’t remember putting half as much thought into cosmetics. Maybe because this is the Caribbean, the weather I am hoping will be better than what the Mediterranean was in December and I suppose I didn’t have all the beaches and swimming to think about either or the Mozzys!

I am convinced that the best plan is to get a bag, open it and just throw bits of everything in until it’s full! 😉

With anything in life like this I would always rather have too much of it than not enough, especially on a cruise, have you seen the prices of things like toothpaste and shampoo onboard!? No thanks, I would rather not have to go down that route.

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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