Caribbean Beaches

I can’t quite decide what I am most looking forward too about my next cruise but if there is one thing I know I can’t wait for its crisp white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters! I suppose being a cruise addict it was obvious that would be quite high on my list.

Today I am going to share with you some of the beaches we are hoping to visit. Maybe you have already been and can offer me some firsthand tips?! My neighbour has cruised the Caribbean many times and has offered some great ideas along with a shopping list of Havaianas (also known as havavavavas to my friend and I) to buy for her in Jamaica……..Let’s just hope I can find them!

So back to the BEACHES!! I am sure we will crash a few others when we get there but up to now these are definitely the ones we shall be paying a visit too.

Grenada – Grand Anse Beach

I think of all the beaches we plan to visit this one looks the most appealing to me and I have heard nothing but good things about it too! We plan on catching a water taxi directly from the cruise pier. Apparently they are very quick, regular and reasonably priced. Whether once there we will want to leave remains to be seen. There is also a vendor market here, more or less on the beach so we get the best of all worlds! Beautiful clear waters, stunning scenery and the chance to pick up some local crafts, perfect!

St Maarten – Maho Beach

Now this is going to be a beach visit with a difference because we are not planning on visiting here for the actual beach. Instead we plan on living like plane spotters for the day and seeing if we manage to refrain from being blown off the beach by the landing aircraft. I have seen this particular destination on numerous TV programmes, they tend to follow the same pattern title wise with things like “Worlds Craziest Airplane Landings” or “Worlds Most Dangerous Runways”. I think the image says it all really, don’t you?! Needless to say when we realised once booked that this particular airport was on the island of St Maarten we went into overdrive on trying to work out how we could get there and see it for ourselves.

Cane Garden Bay – Tortola

As soon as I set eyes upon images online of this beach I knew I wanted to pay it a visit. It seems quite different from other Caribbean beaches I have seen. For a start it is enclosed either side by lush green mountains and it also seems to be an absolute hive of activity. Our visit here is actually part of an excursion so we do visit other places along the way. I am certainly excited to get here and see if I can temporarily borrow a friend’s hammock from Stanley’s Bar!

So the above is just a selection. We are visiting beaches in other places but we are yet to decide on exactly which beaches they shall be.  Of course we have our day at Nachi Cocom beach resort also booked in Cozumel so it is fair to say we will definitely be getting our beach fix at more or less every port we visit.

47 more days to go until the Caribbean adventure starts……………..

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Author: Danielle

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