MSC Lirica Cruise Ship Visit

Well, I have not long left MSC Lirica, my second visit to this ship and once again she did not disappoint.

This visit was far better than the last, we had longer to explore the ship which meant seeing places that were missed previously as well as also having the chance to see three different cabin grades which was great.

I was surprised at the size of the inside cabin, I did expect it to be slightly bigger than it was but the bathroom was far bigger than any other I have come across in an inside cabin even on ships much larger than Lirica. We had a brief look at an outside cabin which was more or less the same as the inside but with a window and then we moved onto the balcony cabin. This cabin was wonderful, plenty of space, nice sized bathroom with a bath and a shower overhead. Walk in style closet, sitting area and then of course the balcony which too was a good size.

This time we also got the chance to walk through the casino area which was really impressive; I could quite easily have seen myself having a flutter on the roulette wheel in there! One of the bigger casinos I have seen on a ship and it was very tasteful too, unlike some.

Our tour carried on around various public area’s including the Broadway Theatre, The Lirica Lounge, Photo Shop, La Pergola Restaurant, The Blue Club, MSC Aurea Spa, Rodeo Drive Shopping Arcade and one or two others.

I really like the Broadway Theatre on MSC Lirica, considering the size of the ship this space is quite an impressive size and beautifully lit. The ceiling lights almost look like small twinkling stars.

As I said on my previous visit although MSC Lirica is not a huge ship she does feel incredibly spacious. All of her public areas are a good size, nothing seems to have been compromised in any areas or missed.

Her outer decks are also incredibly pleasant. In fact although the temperature today was roughly 11 degrees Celsius both of her outside Jacuzzi tubs were being used by passengers. There are two decent sized swimming pools and heaps of deck space for those hot sunny days. You can also find a good sized bar, Pizzeria, Vitamin bar and Ice Cream Bar. What more could you want?!

Our tour lasted for a little over an hour, we made our way one direction then back in the other before it was time to head for lunch.

The menu today was different than it had been on my last visit; I also felt the choice was better too. I opted for the Batter-Fried Cod as an appetizer followed by the Mushroom Soup and decided on the Cheese Burger as a main course. As I have noted in previous blogs I am a picky eater and the “Stewed Smooth Hound” and “Tofu Bites” just didn’t seem to be doing anything for me, nor would the Cheese burger but this I was yet to find out.

The Cod was delicious, it was so fresh and perfectly white, accompanied with lemon and some salad leaves it really was tasty! The Mushroom soup was also rather pleasant. Sometimes I find with Mushroom soup it can be a little over powering on the taste buds but this one was just right, nicest Mushroom Soup I have tasted that’s for sure. After a brief break our main courses finally arrived. I took one look at the burger and knew I wouldn’t eat it. I don’t know what my problem is with meat I haven’t cooked myself! I took a bite and OK it wasn’t terrible but it just wasn’t quite to my liking either. I asked our waiter if it would be possible to instead have another appetizer, he said no problem and within a few minutes I had something else, perfect. We had also ordered our deserts but by this time my jeans were starting to feel a little tighter than they had earlier in the day, I had a few mouthfuls of my Torta Caprese and decided to call it a day.

After lunch we made our way to the Beverly Hills bar where it was time for a quick coffee before disembarkation.

The day was wonderful as again was most of the food. I met some wonderful people and together we have actually re-named this ship MSC Spandex…..don’t ask!

MSC Lirica Photo Album –

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “MSC Lirica Cruise Ship Visit
  1. Mandy Smith says:

    Accurate report Danielle, loved reading all about the ‘MSC Spandex’!

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