Something A Little Extra

There are probably a thousand things I could think of that cruise ships don’t have that they should. I’m not talking about anything big and extravagant I mean simple things that could actually enhance a guests experience or just make some things a little easier.

As an example, some ports of call offer some pretty amazing excursions like that of Rome but, these trips tend to last up to 10 even sometimes 12 hours. Anyone who has done an excursion like this will know it is exciting but it is also exhausting.

I am one of these people that on days like this having to be up before I know where I am, I can’t eat a lot if anything at all. The last thing I want to do is fight my way through the buffet smile at my fellow passengers or even smell the cooked food to be quite honest. This is where I really wish cereal bars would come in. Something I could run in, grab and eat on the coach when I am a little more awake. Don’t you think this would be great for the kids too and far less stressful for parents on these days? Even a packet of biscuits would suffice which can still be hard to locate!

I also think on trips like these it would be nice if passengers were provided with a small packet of wet wipes that they can use to freshen up as the day goes on. No disrespect but we all know sometimes the odd passenger or two could do with a truck load of these let alone a small packet. I actually take my own with me but that’s not the point here 😉

Next the bottles of water, you really need to come up with an “in-between size”. It’s either a huge bottle or a tiny bottle, what about the bit in the middle? A generously sized bottle that will actually last longer than a mouth full but I don’t have to break my back carrying?! I buy one as I leave the ship, literally I am on deck 5 heading out and by the time I get to the end of the gangway it’s gone! I’m not Bear Grylls stranded in the middle of nowhere, I don’t want to ration my water intake but I feel like I have too or my first mission must be to find more fluids!

What things do you wish you had onboard that are missing?

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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4 comments on “Something A Little Extra
  1. I hate the big bottles of water as much as I hate the small ones! Like you said the small ones are gone way to fast while the big ones get warm before you finish them. I have an insulated sleeve to but on my bottles of water but the large bottles don”t fit in it.

    And what is this< you don't like bacon? Everyone loves bacon!!!! LOL

    • CruiseMiss says:

      Glad there is someone else who gets the water issue! Oh I love Bacon! I just need it to be either real crispy or I have to cut the fatty rind off, I can’t even watch other people eat it with the fat on let alone eat it myself! Yuk!! it’s the chewy texture of it…..OK must stop talking about it now…LOL

  2. TonyFRS says:

    Agree with you about eating first thing. What we’ve always done is nip up to the buffet, grab a couple of rolls, some bacon and a napkin. Hey presto – bacon roll picnic to go!! 🙂

    • CruiseMiss says:

      I can’t eat the bacon as it is so even this would not work for me 😦 I am such a fuss pot! I would have to stand and pull ALL the fatty bits off the bacon before I could even consider eating it…LOL

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