Travel Travel and More Travel

I’m not entirely sure where my travel passion came from. I have been fortunate enough to experience a holiday just about every year since I was a toddler (obviously I can’t remember them all but my mother assures me that she took me!) however, it has only been the last 24 months I would say where my NEED to be on the move and exploring really took hold.

I woke up one morning and thought I need to see more of my world, I am tired of seeing the same grey skyline of my city, I love my city don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to leave and see others! I think it is the sense of freedom travel brings, especially when you are trying to see the world via cruise ship. An evening at sea for me is a priceless moment, watching the sunset is exactly how I like to spend my evening I rarely go inside.

See, I truly am an adventurer, a traveller if you will, I don’t want to be stuck inside watching dancers or singers, I am sure they are very good don’t get me wrong,  but it’s not what I want out of my travels. I want to feel the sea breeze against my face, admire the sun as it sets across an undisturbed horizon. I want to appreciate the distant glow of a passing ship; I want to be grateful for the things in life money can’t buy.

I can honestly tell you on a 24 night cruise I did not go to any evening entertainment, not one single show! I sat outside with my friend wrapped up like Eskimos in snow, hail, force 12 winds, thunder and lightning and torrential rain. That my friend to me is all about the experience of travel. I will admit we did have a few DVD nights until the pitching of the ship just about imploded our cabin!

The same applies to the places I visit. Yes sometimes I like to do the typical tourist thing but sometimes it’s nice to go off the beaten track a little bit too. Maybe exploring a place and delving right into the heart of it, where few tourists go. During my visit to Haifa, Israel, my friend and I opted for the non commercial option.

We avoided the typical tourist haunts along with Jerusalem and Bethlehem and we opted for the coach service that had the choice of roughly 8 different drop off points, one of which was so far from being a tourist choice that in the broad scheme of things it should not have been on the list but yes, this is the one we opted for.

We jumped off the coach and instantly we knew we were the only tourists there but it was perfect. The place itself was nothing to scream about but the experience of being in the middle with the locals was amazing. Fresh pastries, the language, the smell, the fact nothing was adorned in a manner to attract the tourists money it was a true representation of Haifa and we loved it.

The overall point to today’s piece is that I can’t sit still, I must always be looking for somewhere else to go, and my next cruise may just be the most amazing yet!………………..

Author: Danielle

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