Knowing Your Officers – Deck Department

A quick and easy introduction to the Deck Department officers on your ship and what it is they do.

Commodore – This is the highest rank cruise ship officers can reach and is similar to the rank of Admiral.  The Commodore is not only in charge of the vessel on which he is aboard but, he is also in charge of the entire fleet. It’s actually quite rare to come across a Commodore onboard. Some cruise lines don’t even have one.

Epaulet – One gold ring or large block of colour sometimes with a small motif above

Captain – I think the role of Captain is a pretty obvious one. This individual is the highest ranking officer on the ship and is responsible for the ships entire operation. All decisions regarding operations, navigation and so on are made by the Captain.

Epaulet – 4 gold stripes (often with a small motif above)

Deputy Captain or Staff Captain – The Staff Captain or Deputy Captain as they are also known is second in command onboard the ship. The job of the Staff Captain is to assist the Captain with the running of the ship as well as heading up the Deck Department.

Epaulet – 4 gold stripes

First Officer – The first officer is a navigation officer, his or her responsibility is the overseeing of bridge operations.

Epaulet – 3 gold stripes

Second Officer – The role of the Second Officer is navigation, usually working in shifts as officer of the watch.

Epaulet – 2 gold stripes

Third Officer – Similar to that of a Second Officer. Understanding of all navigational equipment is required.

Epaulet – 1 gold stripe

Safety Officer – The role of this individual is exactly as the title describes. His or her job is to conduct and organise the onboard safety drills for both passengers and crew. If there were an emergency situation it would be the job of the Safety Officer to head up operations related to the abandonment of the ship.

Epaulet – 3 gold stripes

Security Officer – Again the title is self explanatory. The Safety Officer is responsible for all aspects of the ship’s security this including any issues during embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and crew.

Epaulet – Sometimes displaying the word Security often with 2 stripes

Cadet – The role of cadet is self explanatory, they are there to learn, usually straight out of Marine school and into a type of apprenticeship.

Epaulet – One long thin gold strip across the length of the epaulet

Please note that the epaulet’s can alter slightly between cruise lines but the role I am sure remains the same! 😉

Author: Danielle

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    What about the doctor’s uniform?

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