Will I Get Seasick

The short answer………….NO!

It may not be the most pleasant thing in the world to discuss but when it comes to a cruise it for many people can be a big part of pre-cruise worry and stress whilst onboard.

Not everyone gets or will get seasick but the more you think about it the more likely you are to experience it, in this instance it has to be mind over matter. Tell yourself I am going to be fine and you will!

I can tell you though that I have cruised at many different times of the year now and can’t pick a specific time that is any worse than the other. What you have to remember is the logic, yes these cruise ships are big and 90% of the time you feel no movement at all, and I do mean that literally not even a wobble! But, they are ships sitting on a vast ocean and sometimes the ocean can get a little frisky.

At least once during a cruise you will feel your ship moving, nothing for most of us that would be unpleasant, a simple and calm pitching motion usually. For most it actually rocks you to sleep at night, a great feeling trust me! However for some people even this ever so slight motion can bring on sea sickness.

But what if you do feel a little green? Well, I would say ditch the wrist bands, I personally don’t think they do anything. Take a sickness pill or two and try a can of Ginger Beer. I can’t stand the stuff but it is very good for fighting off the feeling of nausea. You also need to try and eat, keep your stomach lined, you will feel much better!

A friend of mine and his girlfriend recently returned from their very first cruise and it was onboard Carnival Breeze. On the crossing from Croatia to Venice they experienced some bumpy seas and Senior Cruise Director, John Heald, recommended to passengers “eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches because it’s the only thing that tastes the same on the way back up”. Sound advice if you ask me! Well said John! And no I’m not being sarcastic I actually do mean that! Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are probably one thing I am sure nearly all of us could stomach even if we did feel a little on the rough side, you just can’t beat them!

I have experienced force 12 winds (hurricane force) combined with a 28 foot swell on a cruise ship some would consider small, I love the bad weather. But I have also cruised through waters where to me the ship was not moving, I couldn’t feel a thing yet one or two of my fellow passengers were adamant they could feel it and this made them feel nauseous. I have even come across passengers who know they will get a little green around the gills for a few hours heading out and coming back but they still choose to cruise! They simply sit on deck with a coffee and handle it.

I wanted to do this piece because I’d say 80% of the time one of the first 3 things that leaves the mouth of a non cruiser when discussing a cruise is “I will get sea sick” and 98% of the time that is NOT the case! You notice I said “I WILL” there is no I might they are always adamant that they WILL.

I have been honest and said yes the ship does move and at some point you will feel it but when I say feel it I don’t mean you will be bouncing off the walls you may just feel one ever so slight sway and that could be it! In this case I would then say unlucky because, the motion of the ocean is a priceless part of a cruise!

Remember, STOP thinking about it, chances are your biggest concern will be the closest bar, trust me!


Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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