Final Few Days Cruising

Days 9, 10 and 11 found us cruising the open ocean, back through the Mediterranean, the Gibraltar straight and back out into the Atlantic.

I always enjoy sea days, more so in the summer months when you have a better chance of some very hot days. In this case though we couldn’t complain, we did have one very nice day.

Sea days are a great chance to simply relax and unwind, the sun is shining, you are relaxing listening to the ships wake and you have not a care in the world, it really is perfect. Sea Days in certain areas are also a great opportunity to spot marine life, for example whales, dolphins and turtles. We had been lucky on our way through the Gibraltar straight the first time to spot some dolphins but this time we really were in for a treat.

We first were entertained by these lovely natured mammals whilst enjoying our evening meal. We were sat right at the window and our restaurant was deck 5, almost on the waterline so you can imagine the view. I just so wish I had taken out my camera but I was in awe at these creatures I didn’t even want to blink in case I missed any part of their spectacular show. There were maybe 7 or 8 together and they were racing along the side of the ship, all exiting and entering the water in perfect sequence. It didn’t last very long but it was superb.

We were also lucky enough to see more dolphins on our way back. The water was deadly calm, perfect dolphin/whale spotting conditions. To be honest it was so calm you could have mistaken it for a lake in the middle of nowhere (apart from all the ships floating on it of course) that had been un-touched by humans. Conditions like these make it so easy to spot the water breaking hence great spotting conditions. We didn’t see quite as many as last time but we did see a fair few and they were more than happy to make sure we spotted them. That’s the thing I love about dolphins, not only beautiful natured creatures they also aim to please and most of the time show off.

Really we spent the last 2 days lounging around, packing (when we could be bothered too) and trying to keep out of trouble. It’s amazing how even as an adult if we become even a little bored we always look for people to have a joke with and the crew on board Oceana were no exception. One bar waiter who I had met on Oceana previously was always up for a joke, I ordered a diet sprite only to be given what I had asked for plus ten thousand straws to go with it……..really? Now what exactly do you want me to do with all of these!? Just for the record, I won’t go around the ship pranking people I don’t know……just thought I should point that out, only those of you who have become friends on board or were friends from home are at risk 😉

One of the best experiences from a day at sea, for me at least, is the evening, when you can enjoy a sunset that is completely un-spoilt. There are no buildings obscuring the view, no artificial lights taking away the colour from the clouds…..there is simply nothing between you and the sun and this never gets old for me. I have been lucky enough to see some truly stunning sunsets whilst on my travels but the colour in the one I witnessed on our last evening was so intense, I have never seen anything like it before. As you can see in the image the pink across the sky is electrifying. I simply couldn’t take my eyes off it until the sun had finally set.

May 6th was the day we had to disembark, a sad day for all. I always hate this part but it is also the point where I start thinking about the next one………..

Video: Cruise Ship Making Waves

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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