P&O Cruises Launch Peninsular Club

P&O Cruises have finally launched their new loyalty scheme, The Peninsular Club, formerly known as the Portunus Club.

The new scheme was kicked off yesterday on board family friendly mega ship Ventura and is due to make an appearance on April 4th on Oceana, April 9th on Adonia, April 10th on Oriana, April 12th on Aurora, April 15th on Azura and last but not least April 27th on Arcadia.

At first glance there are quite a few similarities between the old and the new however; one feature of the new Peninsular Club is that passengers sailing for the first time will NOT automatically join the loyalty scheme. Instead you must tally up a total of 150 points which is 15 nights on board a P&O vessel before you join the club. I know for some this will be a welcome change to the loyalty club rules.

So what are the tiers and how many points will I need? See this information below.

Pacific 150 –   500 points
Atlantic 501 –   1000 points
Mediterranean 1001 –   2000 points
Caribbean 2001 +   points

The Baltic and Ligurian Tiers

In addition to the first four tiers there are two further levels exclusively for passengers who have accumulated 2501 points or more and have cruised frequently in the 3 years preceding the start of their next cruise.

Baltic 2501   points plus 80-200 nights spent on board in the 3 years preceding the start   of your next cruise
Ligurian 2501   points plus 201 or more nights spent on board in the 3 years preceding the   start of your next cruise

Now we have touched on the points and tiers it’s time to explore a little more of what being loyal to P&O Cruises will in fact get you!

First of all the on board benefits are pretty good, and a lot better than what they were. For example guests on all tiers will receive discount on their cabin bill from 5% for Pacific tier all the way up to 10% for Caribbean, Baltic and Ligurian. For Caribbean tier guests you will also benefit from a senior officer hosted dining experience on cruises of 8 nights or more. All tiers excluding Pacific will also receive a free complimentary glass of champagne on the first sail-away party (there is a non alcoholic alternative too if you would prefer) Caribbean, Baltic and Ligurian can also look forward to a complimentary half bottle of champagne on one formal night.

There are not just benefits on board, oh no!!! there are some great little options you can take advantage of at Southampton too, for example Caribbean, Baltic and Ligurian tier guests will all benefit from dedicated check-in at Southampton along with priority embarkation for Caribbean and Baltic tier guests and priority cabin access for Ligurian tier guests.

Personally I think the new scheme is far better than the Portunus Club, yes they have similarities but the overall structure for the Peninsular Club seems a lot clearer and a lot fairer for long-time guests Vs newbie’s.

For all the information on the new club visit the P&O Cruises website here http://bit.ly/HfEWZl

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One comment on “P&O Cruises Launch Peninsular Club
  1. iain1873 says:

    The most annoying thing is that i will now have to wait for my third cruise with P&O for this to kick in – 1 x 14 night cruise done + 1 x 14 day cruise booked means it’ll be my 29th day on board before any benefit kicks in whilst some can do a 1 x 14 day and a 1 x 2 days spending much less (both in booking and on-board spend) but will be reaping the benefits from day 17 – pretty poor way to encourage new cruisers to be honest

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