Cruising: The Not So Great Bits

So I think it is fair to say we have all established why we love cruising so much but, we also have to accept (as hard as it is) that there can also be bad points about cruising too.

Yes I said it, the NEGATIVE side of cruising. Believe it or not there is one and I decided I would share with you some of those negative aspects. It’s like all good things in the world, there has to be a wrong or bad side in order to counter balance the good or everything would just go haywire.

I will say it was hard to find some of these not so great aspects but find them I did and I am quite certain that most of you will agree with the points I am about to make.

So here goes…….

The wait between each cruise holiday is enough to have you bordering on the edge of insanity (maybe this is why we all seem to have one booked)

If come the end of your cruise you point blank refuse to disembark the ship I am afraid you will be forcefully removed.

I am enticed into the casino, all the flashing lights and that ping sound the machines make to fool you into thinking you can hit the jackpot but I never seem to leave with as much as I went in with.

Quite simply the cruise doesn’t last long enough. I recently embarked on a 24 night voyage and it felt no longer than 2 weeks, as always the good things in life fly by therefore I have decided the only acceptable voyage is that of a world circumnavigation. (I am now taking donations 🙂 )

Unfortunately you are not permitted to remove the lifejackets from the ship, this means you can’t pack it and take it home to show all your friends your new orange clothing accessory (or as I like to call them along with the lifeboats “ little orange friends”)

The endless amount of food meaning you may well roll down the gangway upon your return home rather than walk.

If you end up seated with people of an evening you are really not too fond of I am afraid you CAN NOT throw them overboard. It is not allowed.

Mother Nature is just that and sometimes she can be a little cruel when we are out in the open ocean. If it is not force 12 winds making all outdoor area’s danger zone’s it is rather large swells making the ship feel like it is caught in a spin cycle.

You may well find it can sometimes rain black chimney soot on board. Little tip, if you do get rained on by the ships funnel do not try to rub the soot off unless it is just a little sprinkle. Soak the clothing item for 15 minutes in some decent travel wash and it will come right out.

If you sit at the very front in the ships theatre then be advised, if you decide half way through the show it is not quite for you then sorry, you are stuck there until the bitter end. If unsure keep near the exit!!

Disembarkation always seems to take a lifetime, this simply adds to the torment of coming to terms with the fact that you must now leave the ship.

And last but not least…….

I have it on good authority that contrary to what we believe there is no camera on the bridge allowing senior officers to wait until passengers are directly underneath the funnel before sounding the horn. They do not take bets on which passenger will get the biggest shock when it is sounded and it is not a clever ploy by the cruise lines to make you spill your drink and purchase another one.

That is all.

Author: Danielle

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