A step BEYOND with Celebrity Cruises

I was invited to join Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship ‘Celebrity Beyond’ several weeks ago and I thought it was about time I told you all about her!

The third in Celebrity’s Edge-class series, Celebrity Beyond really is something else. I can honestly say that I was blown away from the moment I stepped onboard. Everywhere I went around the ship, I found something I liked. Whether it was a chair, a piece of art, a glass in one of the bars – everything felt like it had been thought through to the very finest of detail. Nothing had been overlooked, literally, nothing.

Although she leans in at the big end with a gross tonnage of 140,600 and accommodation for 3,260 passengers, she felt surprisingly compact. Maybe compact isn’t the right word, but I don’t really know how else to describe her. She felt very easy to navigate – I never once felt like I was going around in circles, and I do often feel like that on some of the larger cruise ships. Her design kept everything straight forward.

I had a Sky Suite for the duration of my stay, and it was stunning! I loved the size of the space and the fact the bed was positioned facing the balcony doors, so you could sit and watch the world go by. I also really liked the stylish box on the dressing table that conveniently concealed a selection of plug sockets and USB points – nice touch! The bathroom was huge with a colossal bath/shower system. I’ll admit, when I first used the shower, I didn’t know what things to turn or press, so much so, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to turn the shower head I was using off, once I finally got it on.

The food onboard was superb and when it came to the buffet, the choice was unbelievable! If you weren’t sure what you wanted before you went in, you were being held for ransom once you finally stepped through the door and saw what was on offer. There was just food for what felt like miles and a wide choice of cuisine styles. Quite possibly the best buffet I’ve seen at sea.

If we put more of the ship into perspective, she offers 32 food and dining experiences; 14 cafes, bars & lounges; 8 speciality restaurants; 4 main dining restaurants, 4 complimentary casual dining options; and 2 exclusive restaurants.

Being in a Sky Suite afforded me exclusive access to The Retreat and its restaurant Luminae. The food here was very good and I opted for smoked tomato soup, grilled filet mignon and chocolate ganache tart. It’s now positioned at the very front of the ship on Celebrity Beyond, so the views as we made our way through the Solent were a nice addition to the experience.

My absolute favourite feature onboard was the Magic Carpet. I’d been desperate to try this since Celebrity Edge was launched and finally, I had the chance. This space just fills me with happiness because I can sit and watch the majestic beauty of the ship as she glides through the water. Such an innovative idea.

Other onboard areas that I liked very much were the Resort Deck, Eden, the Solarium, The Grand Plaza and the Rooftop Garden. I like how Celebrity has taken back its upper decks and not just filled them with dozens upon dozens of sun loungers. There’s charm up there, wonderful places to sit and relax, enjoy the sun, or watch some TV on the big screen. As I said earlier, everything about this ship has been pin-pointed down to the finest detail.

There was a lot of distinct artwork onboard and some of it was so beautiful! You must look out for some of these pieces during your time onboard. My top 3 were the lady with the duck rubber ring, the elephant and the silver peacock.

On my second and final night onboard, I dined at EDEN and again, it was another superb meal. Of all the areas onboard, I think EDEN had to be my favourite. It offered incredible aft views with floor to ceiling windows, and it was spread across 3 levels. You could sit and enjoy the view, sip a drink from the bar or head down to the dining section and watch your chefs prepare your delicious meal.

I wasn’t onboard long enough to see, do and sample everything, but I’m hoping it won’t be long before I can join her, or one of her Edge-class sisters for another Celebrity Cruises experience. Was I sold? Definitely!

#PressTrip – As stated, I was a guest of Celebrity Cruises.  

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