Hands-on with Princess Cruises OceanMedallion aboard Sky Princess

During my cruise aboard Sky Princess the OceanMedallion really took the limelight and I wanted to highlight some of the best bits. Well, the bits that I thought were the best! 😉

Your cruise will ultimately be controlled by this wonderful little device and trust me, it’s not a bad thing! There were a few kinks that still needed to be ironed out within the app, both pre-embarkation and once onboard, but overall, it’s a fabulous concept and I really enjoyed using it.

You can quite literally do everything through the app, including ordering drinks and food to any location onboard, chatting to Guest Services, locating your friends and family onboard, booking dining reservations, virtually exploring the ship and so much more! Honestly, it really is great fun! In fact, I could add that it is literal fun, as you can also use it to join in with Games Under the Stars.

I tried and tested a few different aspects of it during my cruise, including the food ordering option. I placed an order for a turkey sandwich and marked my location as the Wake View Bar. I had waited quite some time (they must have been busy) and decided I’d head back to the cabin and see if it would turn up there. Sure enough, ten minutes after walking through the door, the sandwich arrived.

I had forgotten to pack an international plug for the cruise, but even that wasn’t an issue. Within the app I found a section for housekeeping where you could request additional towels, plugs, robes and more! I really liked that idea. Simple but effective.

The fact it opens your cabin door is an additional bonus. It was nice to not go searching for a card in the bottom of your bag to try and enter the cabin. Once your OceanMedallion is within range, the door opens, all you need to do is bend the handle. I wore mine around my neck on a lanyard for the cruise, but several people had bought wrist straps for theirs.

As I said, there were a few kinks and occasionally it would take several attempts to enter a specific part of the app as it kept crashing or kicking you out. There was one section that I was unable to access at all, it kept telling me to check back closer to my embarkation, but I was already onboard.

Although back from the cruise, I still have the app. There are parts of it that you can still use when not on-ship, including a trivia section and creating or changing your tagalong, mine is a little red seahorse. It’s also worth keeping as you can update your personal preferences between sailings, so all you need to then do is link your booking into the app, fill in some details and you’re done.

Big hats off to Princess Cruises, it’s such a brilliant idea. Thank you for a wonderful cruise Sky Princess!

I was onboard as a guest of Princess Cruises.


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