Boost Your Cruise Fund With These Instant Saving Ideas

Ask any cruise-enthusiast (especially me) and they’ll tell you that cruising is the best way to see the world. You get to see the very best destinations, have everything you’ll ever need onboard your ship and get to enjoy a travel experience like no other. Once you’ve hit the open ocean, you’ll never want to see the world any other way. That’s exactly what happened to me many moons ago and after 9 months on terra firma (the longest amount of time I’ve spent on land in 10 years) I am MORE than ready to get back out into the world.

When it comes to funding your voyage, you could consider using your savings or cashing in your junior ISA (I had bonds as a child and cashed some of mine in for my first cruise) for the trip of a lifetime – click the link for more information on junior ISAs. You could even pay for your holiday well in advance via instalments, so you can spread the cost of your trip. 

However, if you’re thinking of going on a cruise, then keeping on top of your finances will ensure you have the best possible experience. Of course, that doesn’t always mean having the best cabin or the best view, it just means that you’ll get to fully immerse yourself on your voyage and not have to worry about your financial situation and any other unexpected treats you might want to spoil yourself with! In short, having a little extra spending money will go a long way. 

Here we’ll explore how you can boost your cruise fund with these instant saving ideas.

Sell, sell, sell! 

All those old smartphones, DVDs, books and CDs, furniture, old clothes and knick-knacks… if you don’t want them, someone else might! Gather together the items you no longer want or use and sell them online. You have numerous online selling platforms to choose from, so your items are bound to be spotted by eager buyers looking for a bargain. Sure, you might not make a fortune, but your profits could cover the cost of a day of treatments at the onboard spa! Or an additional shore excursion. I paid for my first cruise by selling various bits and pieces that I no longer needed, including some gold jewellery. Even now, I never dismiss things, if I think I can use them or sell them and put the money towards something else, that’s exactly what I do. 

See a penny pick it up

If your planned voyage doesn’t embark for several months in the future, then this tip could certainly boost your cruise fund. All those pennies and low-value coins we see lying around, whether it’s change in the car, coins in the depths of your handbag or notes down the back of the couch, whatever you find don’t dismiss it, put them all in a jar and you’ll be amazed at the amount you save. I put 5p pieces in a jar regularly and managed to save £100 last year, which I used on my Grand Voyage sailing.


Maybe you don’t like cooking or perhaps you’re just a creature of habit, but if you have plans to eat out this week or in the foreseeable future – cancel them! Eating in and staying home will save you a small fortune and that money could be better spent on your cruise of a lifetime!

And finally, cancel those subscriptions

From gym memberships to online subscriptions, streaming services, monthly treat boxes – whatever you’re subscribed to, chances are you’re not making the most of it. So, why not cancel and save the money towards your cruise instead? Start by going through your accounts and see where your money is going each month – you might surprise yourself! This is one that I need to practice more of, as I’m a complete sucker for fried chicken and Indian food and when I try to recreate it myself, it’s just never the same!

Here’s to saving now so we can ALL splash out (literally) on our cruises in 2021 and beyond and wave goodbye to what has been an awful year for many industries, including travel. 

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