Backstage Onboard A Marella Cruise

Marella Cruises know there are certain home comforts that cruisers can’t sail without and to shed some light on this, here are some facts from backstage on a Marella Cruises’ ship.

Everyone knows the nation loves nothing more than a proper brew, so it comes as no surprise that during a one-week itinerary 13,000 cups of English Breakfast tea are brewed and served to satisfy the craving. To put this into perspective, if you lined up all those tea bags it would stretch for just under four times the length of Marella Explorer. Of course, to accompany the perfect cup of tea, a full English is the most popular breakfast choice, with 2,500 slices of toast consumed each week.

Coffee lovers are not far behind the traditional tea drinkers, as 12,500 cups of coffee are served during a week on a Marella Cruise making it part of the customer’s daily grind.

For those who enjoy an alcoholic tipple, the most popular cocktail on the cruise lines’ menu is the Long Island Ice Tea, which can be enjoyed whilst watching a show in the Broadway show lounge, where 73% of guests per cruise choose to enjoy a show. In addition, the favourite alcoholic beverage is also often well accompanied with a meal in the most popular á la carte restaurant – Surf & Turf, although the most popular soft drink – diet coke – would also be a top choice.

Guests looking to relax enjoy spending time in the onboard Champneys spa* where on the average week 80-100 guests visit the spa, the most popular treatment is the Lava Shell Relaxation Massage whilst sailing to popular destination hotspots.

Whilst relaxing at the spa and enjoying time away from everyday life are the elements everyone looks forward too, packing stress comes before that. And there is always one item that misses the suitcase and ends up being left behind. But fear not, Marella staff are always on hand should this be the case, and have discovered that a travel adapter is the most popular item people forget to pack and ask reception if they can borrow one to use throughout their stay.

The thought of the perfect cruise coming to an end is a feeling no-one likes, and when it comes to finding the perfect souvenir to keep those memories alive a fridge magnet or a pair of slippers are top of the list. Talking of which, although only a handful of robes go missing, 30% of guests slip away with their Marella cabin slippers** packed up and ready to fly home with them in the hope that when they look out their window, it will still be a different view every day.

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