Best Aurora Borealis Cruises In The Northern Hemisphere

Very few natural phenomena can match the spectacle that is the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. To see them, however, you will need to head to the Northern Hemisphere, as these stunning views can only be seen in high-latitude places, like Alaska, Iceland and Norway, as well as the northern tips of both Sweden and Finland. That being said, CruiseMiss has decided to take a look at the best Aurora Borealis cruises in the Northern Hemisphere. We’ll start, fittingly, with a cruise we have featured already.

Cunard Alaska Sailings

Alaska is one of the places that offer people a chance to see the Aurora Borealis. It just so happens that Cunard will make a return voyage to the so-called Great Land. As reported here in December, Cunard will come back to Alaska starting in May. Those who take advantage of this cruise will spend several days on board the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth. They will also get to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Great Land, from its stunning landscapes to its diverse wildlife. Just as important, a trip to the Northwest Pacific coast of Alaska will give tourists the chance to witness the Northern Lights in all its majestic glory. Take note, though, that the best time to go is late August to mid-April.

Cunard’s Norway and Northern Lights

If a cruise across Alaska isn’t very appealing, Cunard has an alternative: the Norway and Northern Lights cruise. This particular cruise is a round trip that starts and ends in Southampton, with guests taken on tour by the Queen Victoria. Those who choose the Norway and Northern Lights cruise features, will make stops at Alesund, Tromsø, and Narvik, which are three of the top places in Norway to see the famed Northern Lights. As an added bonus, guests will see the spectacular Norwegian Fjords, along with a range of majestic sights along the way.

Fred Olsen’s North Norway Sailings

The north of Norway is clearly an ideal spot to view the Aurora Borealis; not for nothing then that Fred Olsen’s Northern Lights cruises are quite popular. The cruises are scheduled for September 2019 and March 2020 and will feature stops at both Alesund and Tromsø. There will also be stops at Alta, Kristiansund, and Trondheim — three more perfect places to catch the Northern Lights.

Cruise & Maritime Aurora Voyages

Cruise & Maritime includes a few aurora voyages, including trips to to Iceland and Norway. The cruise on board the Astoria starts in the Faroe Islands, which is home to Toftir, a small, picturesque coastal village with a population of less than 1,000 people. The village has become somewhat famous in recent years for being the home of Svangaskard, the national team’s football stadium. An article by Daniel Anwar on the ‘Must-see Football Stadia Around the World’, includes Svangaskard in the list, showing how it is perched on top of a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The stadium is the only one in the world that fans can get a glimpse of the Northern Lights, making a visit to the venue a must for those who long to see the aurora. From the Faroe Islands, the tour heads to Reykjavik and Akureyri in Iceland, and then to Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands on the journey back to the Faroe Islands.

Aurora Zone’s Visit Abisko and Icehotel

This four-night tour to Abisko and Icehotel may not be as grand as the others, but for a chance to see the Northern Lights, it is probably your best bet. The reason for this is because Abisko is possibly the best site to see the Aurora Borealis. Abisko has been the No.1 aurora-watching destination on the planet, due to its location in a microclimate with far less precipitation than any other location on Earth that is located within the aurora zone.

Not to belabour a point, but the Northern Lights is a spectacle unlike any other. Seeing it first hand, therefore, should be on everyone’s bucket list. In this regard, the five cruises outlined above will give you the best chance to catch this incredible light show.


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