See Another Side To Antarctica In 2019

Antarctica. It’s perhaps the new ultimate cruise destination. The final frontier. The edge of the Earth.

Endless, unexplored terrain. Incomparable natural landscapes that stretch out onto the horizon. Enough wildlife to satisfy even the most seasoned enthusiast, and its proximity to South America makes it a place like no other on Earth.

Whether it’s the Summer peak season, which lasts from January through to February and is also when you’ll find the most daylight and spot the thriving wildlife more often, through to the unique Autumnal experiences full of beautiful sunrises that can be found in March, any time of year really is the perfect time to experience Antarctica.

So, forget what you think you know about this incredible land, and let us show you another side to Antarctica that is often overlooked. We do this by running through our top tips to make sure you make the most out of your trip to Antarctica, or if you weren’t already planning to visit, we might just spark the inspiration to go.

Encounter the fantastic creatures that inhabit this white wonderland

With a strikingly cold temperature year-round, what many people tend to forget about Antarctica is that it plays home to a varied range of wonderful wildlife. From deep below the water’s surface, across the land and gliding through the icy skies, there’s enough wildlife in Antarctica for you to spend endless time observing the unique and unforgettable inhabitants of the environment.

From powerful Orcas to breaching humpback whales, and the distinctive Chinstrap penguin to the long-tailed Gentoo penguin, Antarctica is a place you simply don’t visit without a camera.

Get into the mind-set of explorers and pioneers gone by

Antarctica is one of those magically powerful places, because a lot of it hasn’t yet been discovered or explored.

From the moment Russian expedition-leader Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen first saw the southernmost continent with his own eyes in 1820, up until the present day, Antarctica has never stopped being explored.

When in Antarctica, every moment is an exploration, and around every (icy) corner, who knows what you’ll find?

Take in Antarctica’s natural beauty

Vast landscapes, icy archways and crystal, shimmering seas. It doesn’t take a geographical expert to know that it isn’t just the amazing wildlife that draws people to Antarctica – some things are right there in front of you. Right underneath your feet.

I mean, just look around, Antarctica’s picturesque and breath-taking, inspirational and amazing. All at once.

Experience the Drake Passage

Luxury Antarctica cruises are very on trend at the moment and a number of major cruise lines now offer these itineraries. Combining luxurious cruise ships with the thrill and excitement of Antarctica. There’s no better way to experience it.

If you do embark on a luxury Antarctica cruise, you’ll likely cross through Drake’s Passage, which is a body of water between South American and Antarctica. Known for its infamous rocky seas, yet extremely safe on board today’s modern ships, to experience the tidal rock and sway of Drake’s Passage on your approach to the continent is to experience authentic Antarctica.

Tie it in with its neighbour, South America

And finally, why not experience Antarctica differently by combining it with a South American cruise? The icy continent’s proximity to one of the most exciting, vibrant and celebrated continents in the world makes it a shame to not visit the likes of Argentina, Chile or the Falkland Islands while you’re that side of the globe.


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