The Wonder That Is MSC Meraviglia

It had been a while since I’d stepped aboard an MSC Cruises ship and I couldn’t wait to explore MSC Meraviglia, even if it was only for a few hours.

The MSC charm hit me in the face as soon as I entered her beautiful atrium. The Swarovski stairs were glistening (each step being worth 15,000 euros) as I made my way up them and into Galleria Meraviglia. What a space! I was speechless. This 96m long central promenade is packed with restaurants and boutiques, and it’s illuminated by a 480 square metre LED screen (the largest at sea) that is essentially an atmospheric digital sky. It’s really something quite special.

On the lower level of the Galleria, you’ll find the Jean-Philippe Maury Chocolate Atelier and let me tell you that you MUST make a purchase, everything is delicious! All the chocolates are made on board and you can even watch a team of chocolatiers in an open kitchen creating the sweet masterpieces. Directly opposite is the Jean Philippe Crepes & Gelato bar. I really liked this space and because most passengers were ashore, it was quiet enough to explore in depth and take photographs. There’s something special about feeling like you have a ship all to yourself.

Like most other cruise ships, bread and cakes are also freshly made on board, but MSC Meraviglia holds another little secret, she has her very own mozzarella production area within the Marketplace Buffet on Deck 15, where 300kg of the cheese is produced on a daily basis. It was conveniently right next to the pizza station and it took everything I had in me to not help myself to a slice. I love MSC pizza! Like, really love MSC pizza.

I also explored the casino, kids club areas, Horizon pool, Himalaya Bridge and Polar Aquapark, and several bars and lounges. There was so much to see and do throughout the vessel, lots of areas that I am sure are a hive of activity when passengers are on board, but I did also notice a few places where you could just relax and have some quiet time. I suppose that’s the beauty of cruising and on a ship such as MSC Meraviglia, there literally is something for everyone, young and old.

My favourite pool area was her Atmosphere Pool. It was the kind of place I would enjoy relaxing in the sun on a warm sea day. There’s a giant TV screen, 2 swimming pools, numerous sun loungers and I’d imagine at night, it’s probably a great place to enjoy a cocktail. I’ve enjoyed several deck parties on MSC ships, I’m sure MSC Meraviglia would not be the one to let the fleet down.

When lunchtime came around, I stopped in the Top Sail Lounge (which is exclusive for MSC Yacht Club guests) before heading up to the MSC Yacht Club Restaurant for a 3-course feast. I ordered mushroom soup to start which was followed by ‘Devilled Rooster’. I finished with a small slice of chocolate fudge cake and I was quite content. I couldn’t have eaten another thing, although I was still thinking about the pizza.

A few hours didn’t give me enough time to take in everything this impressive ship has to offer, and she certainly left me wanting more. I’ve sailed with MSC Cruises several times and each time I’ve had great experiences. I always enjoy the fresh smell that flows throughout each ship, the cabins available are some of the best and most spacious at sea and overall, MSC is superb value for money.

MSC Meraviglia Fun Facts

12 dining venues

75% of cabins have balconies

20 bars and lounges

There’s a flight simulator on board

A full-size bowling alley with 2 lanes

2 exclusive Cirque du Soleil shows are offered in the Carousel Lounge

2 F1 simulators

A full-size basketball court

3 waterslides

22 treatment rooms in the MSC Aurea Spa


For more information on MSC Meraviglia and her itineraries, please visit the MSC Cruises website.

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