Keeping Fit At Sea With Star Clippers

With an abundance of delicious food served throughout the day, abundant tempting buffets for breakfast and lunch and the chance to spend long lazy days relaxing, it’s no surprise that guests often claim to add several pounds in weight for each week spent cruising.

Star Clippers’ tall ship voyages onboard magnificent, historically styled sailing ships, offer numerous ways for guests to enjoy relaxing days balanced with an active lifestyle, enjoy healthy food and optional onboard gym, yoga and healthy activities

Walk a mile with a smile

With just three guest decks, no elevators and open air teak decks, Star Clippers’ vessels may be considerably smaller than conventional cruise vessels, but it’s easy to walk a mile a day up and down the steps past the restaurant, cabins, library, piano bar, Topical Bar and along the open decks. During most sailings the sports crew will show guests how, with a complimentary Walk a Mile activity while at sea, to get the body moving and keep the heart active.

Gym and yoga in the sea air

Star Clippers’ guests are offered morning gym sessions on the open deck in the fresh sea air, a far cry from the conventional idea of going to the gym. For all abilities and activity levels, the sessions are conducted by the tanned and healthy sports crew just before breakfast, in the quiet of the early morning on the teak decks of the open Tropical Bar. And on selected cruises, yoga specialists come on board to conduct morning and sunset yoga sessions for all levels, to relax mind and body and stretch muscles.

Life coaching for a healthier being

On selected cruises Star Clippers’ host lifestyle and fitness coaches to present new and creative ideas for improving the quality of life and enhance health and fitness. Sailings with fitness and lifestyle coaches on board during 2018 include Indonesia and the Mediterranean, voyaging through tranquil waters and dropping anchor alongside picturesque harbours, beaches and villages, where the quality of life is further enhanced.

Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle

Water and fruit are freely available throughout the day on board Star Clippers’ vessels, while breakfast and lunch buffets include an abundance of fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat, and a la carte dinners offer healthy options and a daily light soup and grilled steak always on the menu. It is possible to eat healthily and lightly while still enjoying delicious meals.

An active and healthy lifestyle

In place of miles of carpeted corridors and elegant elevators found on conventional cruise ships, Star Clippers’ graceful historically styled vessels are more akin to a vast private yacht. Cabins are a few steps away from the main public areas, but life is far more oriented to an outdoor lifestyle with days spent on sun baked teak decks, ashore discovering small ports and harbours, climbing the rigging under the guidance of the sports crew, joining in hauling ropes and learning about life at sea and spending days outdoors in the fresh sea air, with the ocean just a few metres below.

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