Cruisetouch Set To Launch Australia’s Social Media Cruising App

A brand new app launched recently and it is designed exclusively for those who love to cruise. It’s called Cruisetouch and having already downloaded it myself, I just have to share it with you because you are going to love it.

The Cruisetouch app, which is 100% free of charge, enables international users to read and write cruise reviews, post questions and comments in cruise forums, sign up to meet fellow cruisers on their upcoming cruise, read the latest cruise news as well as several other features that will be progressively rolled out over the coming months, from cruising groups to weather alerts, countdowns, packing checklists, daily cruising discussions, price alerts and a whole lot more.

Unlike other cruise apps, Cruisetouch has a heavy focus on design and technology and developers will constantly be working towards creating a clean design and incredibly smooth user-experience. Which is exactly what we want. There are too many apps out there that are unfriendly for the user, there’s just too much going on, but this one, I can tell you, is different and very easy to navigate.

Cruisetouch is the brainchild of Lachlan Andrews, a self-confessed cruise lover as well as the technical and business lead behind the platform. The Cruisetouch team is based in Sydney, Australia.

Cruisetouch has had extensive reach on social media, with an article published by the Cruisetouch team picked up by multiple national and international outlets that reached close to a million views, including the Daily Telegraph, Yahoo News & Express UK. With over 1.2 million Australians cruising in 2016 alone, Cruisetouch is sure to be the go-to app for all cruise fans, both in Australia and around the rest of the world.

The Cruisetouch App is available in the Apple & Google Play store right now and incremental updates & additional features will follow. Every Friday, a new feature will be added to the app, keeping content exciting and fresh. There are future plans to release a more intuitive onboard event system, price alerts, weather notifications, interactive deck plans, menus & onboard pricing, cruising chat, solo buddy matcher, cabin reviews, hot deals & much more.

Current features include cruise countdowns, personal cruising news feed, daily automatic cruising discussions, cruise forums, custom user profiles and a list of upcoming cruises.

I really do like this app. There are a few things that need ironed out, but I can tell that it is going to be a great tool for many cruisers. If you join, be sure to send me a friend request. You can find me under Danielle Fear (CruiseMiss).

Download the Cruisetouch app today!

For frequent app updates and news, follow Cruisetouch on Facebook.


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