Saga Sapphire’s SECRET Cruise

 All ports of call are hush-hush but there’s no disguising the added value of all-inclusive meals, drinks, entertainment and excursions

Saga passengers throw caution to the wind when they join Saga Sapphire’s sparkling new three-week Secret Cruise because they have no idea where they will be sailing! Passengers are kept in suspense, with no clues to the itinerary, and it is only when Saga Sapphire moors in each port that the destination is announced.

While the cruise is fun-themed, the savvy passengers are guaranteed some seriously great-value inclusions:

  • Sail from Southampton and enjoy Saga’s return chauffeur service to and from the port
  • Selected wines at lunch and dinner, house-branded spirits, draught beer and lager, non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks served at no additional cost
  • Excursions included at every port
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • All gratuities

This cruise with a difference begins with a welcome cocktail party but anyone looking for clues to their destinations during the evening will find the captain’s lips are sealed.

The 21-day sailing offers inspiring experiences as well as the opportunity to enjoy Saga Sapphire’s exceptional cuisine with a choice of waiter service in the Pole to Pole restaurant and East to West Asian fusion restaurant or casual dining in The Grill, on the Verandah Deck and by the Beach Club pool.

Nightly entertainment and a programme of daytime activities are also included in the cruise price so all passengers must do is turn up, enjoy the fun and look forward to days of discovery!

View the Saga Sapphire Secret Cruise online.

If you want to do something fun and different, then this is the cruise for you. I was lucky enough to join Saga Sapphire in 2016 on her 3-week ‘Mystery Cruise’ and it was one of the BEST cruising experiences that I have ever had at sea. Every day was a surprise and just when you thought you may have figured out your next port, you were completely thrown off course. It was wonderful and I highly recommend to anyone that is happy to just see what happens.

Visit the Saga website for more information on Saga Ocean Cruises.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Monica says:

    Great reaading

  2. The Williamsburg Virginia Goulds says:

    We are Americans and have taken 9 of the SAGA mystery cruises. We are totally addicted and view them as romantic or view ourselves as just putting ourselves in someone else’s arms and carrying us away. There are usually three or four of us USA folks in the group of several hundred. There are mystery river cruises, but to me that’s not much of a mystery.

  3. Mimi Auchter says:

    I would love to do a mystery cruise, but Americans are not privy to this type of cruise from our country. I don’t think many Americans would sign up for one. It would need to be on a small ship, of which there are fewer and fewer these days. I would love to sail from the west coast on a mystery cruise to somewhere in the Pacific – maybe south of the equator or north to Alaska and Asia or a combination.

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