Princess Cruises To Feature Ocean Medallion Aboard Regal Princess


Princess Cruises has confirmed it will be the first Carnival Corporation brand to feature the new Ocean Medallion.

The medallion, which is the same size as a 10p piece, will automatically provide information to guests during their cruise to give a more personalised onboard experience. It can be worn by guests as a pendant, on a wristband or simply placed in a pocket or bag.

The medallion will be used to:

  • Streamline the embarkation and disembarkation process, as the medallion gives quick and easy access to the ship
  • Lock and unlock an assigned stateroom door as guests near it, so replacing the current key card
  • Enable guests to purchase merchandise, services, excursions, food and drinks
  • Provide enhanced dining experiences based on food and drink preferences
  • Create an array of interactive gaming and other personalised entertainment
  • Enhance interaction with crew members and other guests

The medallion is fully automated and has no visible technology such as an on-off switch or charging function. The data it collects is based on preferences provided by guests before and during their cruise. Guests can supply as much or as little information as required in order to help personalise their cruise.

In addition, an Ocean Compass for guests is also being introduced. The Ocean Compass acts as a ‘digital concierge,’ which is accessible via interactive displays throughout the ship, stateroom TVs or on personal mobile devices.


It can assist guests in a number of ways, including:

  • Finding their way to venues around the ship
  • Making reservations at the Lotus spa, specialty dining restaurants and shore excursions
  • Arranging celebrations
  • Viewing photographs
  • Learning more about destinations they will visit and activities at each port of call

Crew members will similarly have access to a Crew Compass that will instantly recognise each guest, so they can tailor suggestions and information based on the guest’s preferences.

The Ocean Medallion will be available from November 13, 2017, on Regal Princess, followed by Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess in early 2018.

Other benefits of the Ocean Medallion and Ocean Compass include:

  • The option for guests to place select dining orders and have them delivered to their current location. For example, by using the Ocean Compass guests can order select food and beverages from a poolside lounge chair
  • Similarly, guests can place a drink order and have it delivered to where they plan to be at a designated time. For example, an order for a glass of wine at the theatre can be made prior to a show, which will then be delivered to guests at their seat
  • Parents of older children can keep track of where they are onboard, while friends and family will be able to communicate with each other through seamless instant messenger service

Additional details on the Ocean Medallion will be announced in the run up to the first sailing on Regal Princess.


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6 comments on “Princess Cruises To Feature Ocean Medallion Aboard Regal Princess
  1. Hmmm…sometimes I go on cruises to get away from this sort of technology. 🙂

  2. cocopalms61 says:

    Technology… So Amazing & always available for any kind of person/personality.

  3. Jury is out to my mind
    Port security 🚨 will have issues looking at on a persons wrist or neck
    I do not like being located and the issue of payment remains to be seen

    • cocopalms61 says:

      You know what, I totally forgot abt this issue. So if #Apple n #Android can integrate security that makes us feel secure then GREAT!!!

  4. diane frisch says:

    This looks great! Reminds me of the Disney wrist bands and the Disney app that you put on your phone to monitor reservations, etc. I would expect other cruise lines to follow suit!

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