5 Reasons You Should Take A Luxury Cruise To Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a blend of old and new, with gleaming skyscrapers set against the backdrop of lush green mountains. As a destination to visit, it’s unique; not only does it offer some of the best shopping in Asia, but some incredible nature is just a twenty-minute boat trip from the harbour.

The reasons why you should visit Hong Kong are endless, but how should you get there? Here are five jaw-dropping reasons why you should visit on a luxury cruise.

1: The harbour is one of the best parts of Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong’s earliest days, it has served as a centre of international trade. This is because of its location, positioned on the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea.

Over the centuries, Hong Kong has undergone many metamorphoses, with its population and architecture also transitioning. The once sleepy network of fishing villages has now transformed into a thriving business, transport and shopping hub. Taking a luxury cruise like an NCL cruise to Hong Kong allows you to experience it as it was first imagined: as an awe-inspiring port to sail into, filled with culture and vibrancy.

Victoria Harbour is where the life of Hong Kong really resides. There’s never a quiet moment by the harbour, as it bustles with people both day and night. The light show at night is one of Hong Kong’s top attractions, but the skyline itself is something that never ceases to amaze. In Hong Kong, there’s no better place to stay than the harbour, where you can enjoy the view every morning from your cabin room window.

2: A luxury cruise can save you money

As both the pound and the dollar have declined, Hong Kong has become the most expensive city in the world for expats and the most expensive city in Asia to stay for business. The cost of hotel rooms, food and transport are rising sharply, and a coffee in Hong Kong can now cost you as much 60HKD, which is $8 or £6. If you can get a last minute cruise deal, you’ll save a lot of time and expense by choosing not to fly.

On all-inclusive luxury cruises, there are no hidden costs and fees, and no surprise expenses when you’re just trying to satisfy your morning caffeine cravings. Even if you don’t get a cruise deal on a luxury line like NCL Cruises or Holland America, it’s still possible to cruise in style and save money. You can stay in a luxury hotel room and enjoy the best views in the city without having to actually stay on the island. You can get your coffee on the boat and spend your money enjoying Hong Kong’s fabulous shopping opportunities.

Another bonus of a flight-free cruise from the UK or the US is there’s no need to worry about your airline baggage restrictions, so you can shop to your heart’s content.

3: You’ll see more than just the city

Hong Kong is so much more than just one city. Hong Kong city spreads onto Kowloon in mainland China, but Hong Kong itself has 234 islands surrounding it. Lantau Island, famous for its giant Buddha, and Hong Kong island are the two largest. Including the islands, the entire territory is six times larger than Washington, DC.

And yet, unless you go through these islands, you’ll never have an idea of the size or unique beauty of Hong Kong. With a luxury cruise, you can not only visit some of these islands while avoiding the crush of the boats for tourists and commuters, but you can also see the ones most people miss. If you cruise from further away, like a cruise from the UK, think of how much more you’ll see. The entire area of Hong Kong has stunning natural beauty, so why miss out by just staying on the main islands?

Victoria-Harbor-Hong-Kong city skyline

4: A luxury cruise is a quiet retreat from the buzz

In Hong Kong, it’s not just humidity you feel around you; the buzz in the air is almost tangible. Bridges have been built above the sidewalks because the streets themselves have become so congested with people. It’s a city that never sleeps. You can’t replicate the atmosphere of Hong Kong; it’s a unique and contagious feeling that has led to it being dubbed the greatest city in the world. However, at the end of the day, what if you just want to switch off?

Royal Caribbean, Silversea and Holland America are just some of the great luxury cruise lines that cruise to Hong Kong. Each of these, or any other luxury cruise, will offer you a quiet and peaceful haven at the end of each day — away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unwind with a yoga class, or indulge with a spa treatment to pamper your pores after a day exploring the fascinations of the city. Overwhelmed by the sights, smells and sounds of Hong Kong, there’s nothing better than a chance to rest for the evening in a luxury cruise ship.

5: Hong Kong cruise packages give you so much more

While you can fly to Hong Kong and just cruise around the islands, it’s well worth considering a cruise from the UK or America. Not only do you avoid flights and extra expenses, but you take in many other incredible destinations on your way to Hong Kong.

Whether you’re into exploring as much of Asia as possible, checking out Dubai, or relaxing on an island on the way, you’re bound to find a route for you. Why just see Hong Kong when you can also explore Japan, cruise on to Australia, or even hop off at India along the way? If you’re undecided, just look at last minute cruise deals and add some spontaneity to your trip while saving money.

With all these incredible advantages to entering Hong Kong the traditional way — through its world famous harbour — there’s really no reason not to choose a cruise as your travel of choice.


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