NEW Cruise Ship To Join P&O Cruises Fleet In 2020



P&O Cruises has announced that it is to build a next-generation cruise ship for delivery in 2020. It will be the largest cruise ship to be built specifically for the British market – far bigger than Britannia!

The new ship will exceed 180,000 gross tons and will accommodate approximately 5,200 guests (lower berths). Through an innovative use of space, the ship will offer an extensive range of dining, entertainment and relaxing features.

The new ship will be built by Meyer Werft at its shipyard in Papenburg, Germany and will feature the company’s exclusive “green cruising” design as one of the first generation of cruise ships to be fully powered by Liquefied Natural Gas, shipping’s most advanced fuel technology, which will significantly reduce air emissions.

The number of British passengers taking a cruise in the past five years has significantly increased, boosted most recently by the very successful launch of Britannia. There is still huge potential as more and more people realise the value for money, choice and range of dining and entertainment options available on ships of all sizes. With an amazing range of itineraries, from two days to three months, there is a cruise to suit every budget.

This ship will be the largest in the P&O Cruises fleet, will have a striking new exterior and interior design and will include the company’s classic and iconic features. P&O Cruises are also developing and exploring new signature guest experiences, details of which will be announced soon.

The new vessel will be the most environmentally efficient ship in P&O Cruises history. The ship’s “green cruising” design will use LNG to generate 100 percent of her power both in port and on the open sea, significantly reducing exhaust emissions to help protect the environment in support of the company’s sustainability goals.

I CAN’T WAIT!!!! 🙂


  1. I have cruise d whith po for the last 20 years first was aroura nice and small plenty of space been on brittannia twice venturer once also the smaller ships are the best for me but all in all the service is the same all round will go back on aroura again as the same pauloconnor66bigger ones I love pand o

  2. Having sailed on Azura last November around the carribean I can’t help but wonder how if sailing on fly/cruise holidays they will cope with getting both 6600 passengers and luggage of the same on and off plane to ship and ship to cabin.On our cruise it was left to the female cabin staff to carry out this duty,it took 5 hours thereabouts to get luggage from Barbados airport to our cabin and then only one piece at a time.Its annoying to say the least when you wish to change into something clean and light. How will they cope with the logistics of this exercise if the number doubles from 3000 plus to 6600 nightmare! For myself I will not cruise again with P& O having found the experience a disappointment to say the least.

  3. Sorry to be negative, but P&O’s new ship will carry a maximum of 6,600 passengers (more than the Oasis class) but will be 20% smaller. That’s a very busy ship!

    If she is based at Southampton, how will the terminals and roads cope – given the fact that other big ship will occasionally be in port at the same time.

    I don’t think this ship is aimed at P&O’s ‘traditionalists’, but the masses/families will love it.

  4. I just hope they don’t use the same company for the internal design as they did for Brittainnia, to much beige and brown for our taste and a dreadful atrium, look more like M&S with its dull railings.

  5. Sailed on Britannia last year – too many people too little deck space – balconies shockingly small – is this how it’s to be in the future….more fare paying passengers with less space? Britannia has some amazing areas & is a beautiful ship with amazing features inside (great bathrooms in cabins/great showers/great closet space)….but sadly promenade deck space has gone – and so called promenade deck on the top of the ship is a joke….one blink of sunshine and it’s CRAMMED with loungers leaving little space for walking. The 5200 passenger size isn’t for me – I agree with comment from Gianni above, I like to stroll round the wide open decks – that many passengers & too little deck space make this nigh on impossible.

  6. I hope when the time comes they replace the smaller ships like for like. 85000 tonnes is my upper limit (specifically Arcadia) that is a great size and still has a nice feeling of intimacy. FO size ships are perfect, I hope they don’t become a thing of the past!

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