MSC Cruises Confirms Options For Two Additional Next-Generation Cruise Ships

MSC-MeravigliaToday at the coin ceremony for MSC Meraviglia held in Saint-Nazaire, France, MSC Cruises confirmed ahead of time the existing STX France options to build a further two ships in the Meraviglia class. Furthermore, the two Meraviglia-Plus next-generation ships, as the new class of vessels is called, will feature increased tonnage and overall size, with a total of 2,444 cabins and a maximum LSA (passengers + crew) of 8,000.

The two new units will now be due for delivery respectively in October 2019 and September 2020, thus anticipating by nearly two years the delivery of the last of the now four Meraviglia STX France-made ships.

In another MSC Cruises industry-first, the two Meraviglia-Plus ships will feature the first and only classic and contemporary fine art museum at sea.

Held at the STX France shipyard – also in the presence of the country’s Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Sector Mr Emmanuel Macron and of Mr Edouard Philippe, the Mayor of Le Havre and a Member of Parliament – the traditional, centuries-old coin ceremony presented the opportunity to showcase to media and other key stakeholders attending the progress made on the work of MSC Meraviglia, which will come into service in June 2017.

MSC Cruises today also announced that MSC Meraviglia will be christened in Le Havre, France.

The MSC Cruises Meraviglia-Plus class is the next-level generation of ships for all seasons. With its elegant, cutting-edge design and exceptional features, the elegant side of the Mediterranean, which lies at the heart of the MSC Cruises experience, is brought to life in the mastery of every detail. At 331 metres long and with the addition of 200 more cabins, the two ships will feature a maximum capacity of nearly 6,300 guests. They will also be able to call at all world cruise ports, thus maximizing guests’ choice of itineraries and destinations.

The unique public spaces filled with boutiques, restaurants and tranquil spots for shopping, eating and relaxing as well as socialising have also been further improved. The interior promenade is now an impressive 111 metre-long and the now-95 by 6 metres LED sky screen above it will beam out visual events and vistas round the clock to animate the entire promenade from above to create a unique atmospheric experience.

Another key distinguishing element of the MSC Cruises experience is its commitment to making available to its guests the richest array of entertainment possible. As with the recently announced Cirque du Soleil partnership, which will bring world-class shows exclusively to MSC Cruises in co-designed, purpose-built dining and entertainment venues guests, Meraviglia-Plus ships will feature a unique, cultural experience for guests at sea with the first-of-its-kind classic and contemporary fine art museum. This industry-first feature will now enable guests to discover world culture not only through rich and varied itineraries but also on board by experiencing masterpieces from around the globe in collaboration with the world’s premier cultural centres, classic and modern art museums as well as public and private institutions.

Additionally, Meraviglia and Meraviglia-Plus ships will look to set a new standard in smart ships as the recently announced partnership with Samsung brings next-generation technology with everything from latest displays and mobile solutions to medical equipment, as well as products for enhanced reality experiences.

The two new ships will be worth €1.6 billion, thus bringing MSC Cruises’ investment for the two Meraviglia plus the two Meraviglia-Plus ships to a total of €3 billion.

MSC also confirmed that it will base another ship in the UK, although which ship is yet to be determined.


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