Merry Cruisemas!


As much as I love to cruise, I am still undecided as to whether or not I would want to cruise over the festive season. A New Year cruise sounds great, but Christmas…I just don’t know.

If I were to embark on a voyage and spend Christmas at sea then my ship would ideally have to be sailing somewhere cold and let’s face it, the chances of that are quite slim. The majority of ships will be sailing warm waters and I couldn’t have a Caribbean Christmas – the sight of people semi-naked on a tropical beach wearing Santa hats just doesn’t sit right in my mind. There needs to be snow and big, thick winter coats!

Christmas for me must also include a traditional tree. If there is no tree, or at least no green tree, then it’s not the same. I remember being on a cruise several years ago and I disembarked on December 15th. I had been desperate to see the Christmas tree and technically I suppose I did see it, just not how I had imagined – it was in pieces in the back of a delivery van. That pained me, however, the following year luck was on my side. I boarded the same ship mid-December and the Christmas tree was already up! It was beautiful and everywhere I went onboard, I found another one! I guess the saying “good things come to those who wait” rang true for me that cruise.

Cruise-Ship-Christmas-TreeOne thing I would definitely do on my Christmas cruise is decorate my cabin. I’d have a little tree, some tinsel around the mirror and maybe a “Santa stop here” sign on the door, just for fun. I would say the possibilities for festive decorating fun are endless, but let’s be honest, there’s only so much you can do with an inside cabin.

Maybe one year I will give in and try it, I suppose if Christmas Day itself is spent at sea then the worry of sandy beaches and no snow are irrelevant. I really do love this time of year and the traditions that come with it.

If you were going on a Christmas cruise, where would you want to go?

I will finish my blog today by wishing you ALL a very Merry Cruisemas and Happy New Year! I hope 2016 brings you all of the voyages that you have been dreaming of!



  1. i went on AZURA FOR XMAS THIS YEAR!!!! i loved it so much i have written a review on my blog please check it out you are my blogging hero!

  2. I cruised last Christmas and really loved it. It was a delight to leave all those tricky preparations to someone else and it was great to relax and enjoy all the nuances of the Christmas festivities on board Queen Mary 2.
    And speaking of decorating your cabin, here are some of the cabin doors I photographed on last year’s Christmas cruise:

    Seasons greetings to you and your readers,

  3. I have been on a Christmas cruise before … leaving the entire family behind … and let me tell you all cruise fanatics need to do it just once. I had a great time, people were all just a bit happier, nicer and more fun on that week. The ships dining had the traditional Christmas turkey and ham with all the trimmings. It was only one year and I didn’t even miss the normal stress of a home Christmas.

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